Cock Lover

There is nothing as exciting as a man touching me, except maybe touching a man’s cock. I like to be in crowded places surrounded by strangers and have hands brush up against my nipples or my ass and perhaps linger a little longer than what would be accidental. When this happens, I linger, too. I […]

Take a Bite

A warm summer’s breeze blows through the house as we lay sleeping. The curtains gently stir. I can smell his cologne in the air and it slowly wakes me. The love I feel for him takes my breath away. I love to watch him sleep. All the worry and cares eased from him. My hand […]

The Joy of Sex

Ten years since I set foot in this sleepy little outpost, nothing seems to have changed at all. It’s like a place stuck in a void, unable to break free. It’s a quintessentially English village – stuffy, well to do folk who look down on you if you don’t speak like a broadcaster from the […]

Just Some Fun…

I melt all over again as soon as you smile at me and those sparky eyes of yours tell me that tonight I’m going to enjoy you in ways I haven’t thought of yet. You grab my hand and pull me close to you, we don’t kiss but I lose my face in the warmth […]

Electric Dreams

The taxi from the airport drops me early in the morning after the redeye flight home from New York. The house is dark, so I leave my bags in the hall and quietly climb the stairs. The bedroom door is slightly open and I see a dim light as I approach. As I open the […]

Erotic Visualization

Hello Shawn. Please come in and have a seat. I’ve read over your file. I see that you’re having some problems with stress and it’s affecting the quality of your orgasms. So what we’re going to do is work on some relaxation techniques and and then I’m going to help you learn to prolong and […]


I have always floated through my life with little purpose, and even less motivation to be what others would call successful. I own a small used book shop, and live alone with only my thoughts for company. You may figure that I’m unattractive or maybe a bit fucked-up, but I assure you that you couldn’t […]


As she awoke she marveled at the softness and coolness of the sheets enveloping her. The warm soft sun shown through the sheer curtains, and as she rubbed her eyes, it dawned on her that she wasn’t quite sure where she was… As she looked around the room and her eyes fell on him, it […]