I was still fully dressed . . . but Sir had just finished removing his last few articles of clothing, tossing the items here and there. Watching him in the large mirror before me, I wondered what he had in mind and, even though my back was to him, he stared into my eyes in such a way that I felt a momentary chill course up my spine.  Master had informed me that he was loaning me to a friend for the evening and he instructed me regarding what I should wear. He told me to make him proud of me by being a good slave . .  that this would be my first taste of domination without the use of restraints. I intended to obey his wishes to the letter. I was wearing a plain white satin blouse over my bare breasts, the slinky material betraying my excitement. I wore a long, blue pleated skirt of the same satin material as my blouse and the length of it made me feel somewhat overly modest since it reached nearly to the floor. Looking down in the mirror I could just see the tips of my black patent leather heels peeking out, the four-inch spikes lifting me nearly to Sir’s height. I wore white satin panties underneath the skirt just as he wanted, and the long, dangling earrings completed my attire.

Just over my shoulder, I could see Sir standing there a few feet behind me and although I could not see his entire body, the movement of his right arm indicated that he was stroking his cock. I wanted very badly to be able to see what he was doing but he had made it plain that I was not to move . .  I was to remain standing in front of the mirror with my arms hanging at my sides.

After a few minutes he turned and walked to the spot where he had tossed his pants and for an instant his position was such that I caught a glimpse of his rigid manhood jutting obscenely from the dark curly thatch of his groin. I gasped involuntarily and hoped that he hadn’t heard, but I was shocked and amazed at the same time when the incredible size of his cock registered in my brain. Master had not given me any clue as to what his friend was like . . . or what he liked, but Sir’s manhood seemed to dwarf that of Master . .  not so much in thickness as in length! It appeared to be half again as long, making it what . .. nearly twelve inches?

I watched him bend over to pick up his pants, his back to me then. He reached into a pocket and took out a small pair of scissors, dropping the pants once again and turning toward me. His eyes quickly reestablished contact with my own as he walked slowly toward me and I hoped that my expression didn’t show my growing anxiety. In my peripheral vision I could see his cock swinging gently from side to side but since it pointed generally up toward me the impression of length was not as striking.

As he drew closer I could see less and less of his body until finally he stood very close behind me and I could see only his face and the top of his right shoulder. I could feel his warmth even through my blouse. Our eyes were still locked and I had to concentrate very diligently to keep from averting mine. I could feel just the slightest touch in the small of my back and I didn’t need more than one guess to figure what it was that was touching me there.

“See anything you like, baby”, he asked, just a hint of a smirk or a smile in his expression.

“Yes, sir”, I answered, confident that I had managed not to let my voice tremble.

“We’ll see . ..”, he said then, and he actually did smile just a little.

When his face finally disappeared down behind me I closed my eyes and let out a long but controlled breath. Although I couldn’t see him, I could feel him lifting the back of my long skirt. The cool air felt soothing on my legs but caused me to shiver just a little, probably more from nervousness than chill. He bunched the material up and pressed it against my lower back, instructing me to hold it. I reached back with both hands and accepted the balled up skirt. The front hem still nearly covered my feet and I found it interesting that the pleating in the skirt would allow the rear to be lifted so high without effecting the front.

I felt his fingers fumbling between my thighs and when he told me to “spread ‘em a little” I obediently did so, moving my feet apart. His fingers pressed up into the crack between my buttocks and pinched a small bit of the satin, pulling it outward. I felt the waist band pull down just a little as he apparently poked the point of the scissors through the material and could hear the telltale snipping. I welcomed the cool air when he began cutting. He cut a slit in the crotch and, at one point, I felt the cold steel touch my hot skin down there. I think I jumped a little before my mind reflected that the earlier glimpse I had caught of the scissors showed them to have rounded points. He was finished in only a few seconds and he reached up to the waistband to pull them back up snugly between my cheeks. I felt his finger then as he checked the slit, locating my anus and then tracing a line forward to slip into the moist valley between my lips. It felt nice . .  and I needed all of my will power to keep from pushing down onto his warm finger.

While he was down there behind me I had been staring into my own eyes in the mirror, my mind closely following his every move and wondering what course his desires would eventually take. . . . I heard the scrape of the scissors on the floor as he picked them up and walked slowly back to his pants, again treated to a teasing glimpse of his still rigid cock as he turned to the side. I watched him return the scissors to the pocket and retrieve yet something else from another. I couldn’t tell what it was until he returned to me, smiling at my reflection over my shoulder.

“We may need this in a little while”, he said. “I’ll just hang it right here. ..”

I tried not to appear overly curious but I know my eyes were moving fast as he lifted his arms and passed the loop of soft cotton rope over my head. The fleeting instant that it came into view and then disappeared again behind me was all that was necessary. I recognized it as a large tube of K-Y jelly suspended from the bottom of the loop . . . the markings were unmistakable and I began to form an image in my mind of what was probably in store for me.

A strange but familiar combination of emotions gripped me as I returned his stare as impassively as possible. I was excited by the promise of having him inside of me, but at the same time I was terribly conscious of Master’s expectations. I was to make him proud of me . .  something I wanted more than anything . . . but I was to submit without benefit of artificial restraints. I was afraid that maybe he was expecting more than I could manage this time.

The weight of my “necklace” was very slight but I could feel it hanging there, bumping lightly against my back as Sir adjusted the rope. I was still holding my skirt up for him, my fingers clenched tightly into the wad of material behind me.

“You can drop your skirt now”, he said, smiling, and I did so . .  letting it drop and returning my hands to my sides. He smiled his half smile again and turned once again to make yet another trip to his pants. Again I tried not to be obvious as I anticipated the moment when his wonderful cock would come into view . .  I knew he could not see me with his back turned but I felt that I needed to control my discipline completely . .  so Master would be proud.

Sir returned with the scissors and stood close behind me as before. I felt his hand press against my buttocks, his fingers tucking the material between them and coming to rest firmly on my anus. Again the familiar pinch as he pulled the blue satin free . .  and I heard the unmistakable sound of the scissors as he made several snips downward. This time instead of dropping them at his feet, he turned partway and tossed the scissors to land with a soft plop on his pants.

His hand was very gentle as he reached slowly into the slit and cupped his fingers under my cunt. My legs were still parted as he had instructed me earlier and again I had to fight to prevent my hips from moving down against his touch. His finger slid smoothly into the cut in my panties and nestled up between my lips . . . he made no effort to enter me, instead pressing the length of it upward to bear firmly across the entrance to my vagina. I don’t know for sure, but I had the impression that his other hand was busy elsewhere as he stared and smiled into my eyes.

“You’re wet for me, aren’t you”, he asked, moving another finger up to lie snugly beside the first.

“Yes, sir”, I responded automatically, a little surprised at the steadiness in my voice . .  something I simply was not feeling. His fingers slid away slowly, his hand pulling my skirt back just a little as he withdrew it. As he brought his wet hand around in front of my face he casually slipped his long cock through the slit in my skirt. He flexed it upward to glide along against my cunt as he moved his hips forward. His other hand rested on my belly just below the waistband of my skirt for leverage, forcing my buttocks tightly against his groin. I allowed him to move me as he wished and watched his eyes as he brought his wet fingers to my mouth. I opened for him and tasted my growing excitement as he held them there for me to suck on.

“Close your legs, baby”, he said into my ear. “Hug it real tight. . ”

I shifted my feet to obey him, closing my thighs and clenching them tightly together. He felt very thick and hard and I wanted to hold him there. He slowly drew his fingers from my mouth and his hand joined the other at the front of my belly, drawing me tighter back against him and straining his mound into my buttocks. His hips began to move ever-so-slightly, the still dry skin of my thighs holding his cock in place. I could feel the hardness under his skin moving inside the soft sheathe as he moved backward and forward slowly. Our eyes were still locked and I could feel my wetness begin to coat the upper side of his shaft as little-by-little my thighs relinquished their grip on him. “Look down at yourself”, he said.

I looked down as he instructed, focusing on the front of my skirt where it stood out from my body. The slinky satin material quivered from the movement of his cock and I felt my thighs loose their grip completely, now only caressing him wetly as he stroked to and fro between them. The bulge at the front of my skirt appeared and disappeared in unison with his movement and the sight of it served only to excite me further. If I had been at liberty to act on my own I would have used my hands to hold it gently through my skirt, forming a sort of tunnel for him to move in and out of. I was very wet . .. and I wanted so badly to angle my hips downward just a little so his cock could rub along my clit . .  but I resisted the temptation. Master would be proud!

“You want it, don’t you baby”, he said, maintaining his smooth motion.

“Yes, sir”, I answered, some of the self control suddenly missing from my voice.

“You want it in your body. . . You want all of it. . .”

“Yes, sir.”

“. . and do you want it in your hot little pussy”, he asked, his hands pressing me tightly now against my belly as his hips continued to pivot, “or do you want it up your tight, steaming ass?” I instinctively knew what he wanted me to say, else he wouldn’t have offered it as a choice . .. and a part of me wanted to say it. Even though I was afraid, I thought of my Master and I looked slowly back up into his eyes in the mirror.

“I want you in my ass, sir”, I said as steadily as I could . .  and I felt a certain calmness having said it aloud.

“Say it all, baby”, he said. “Tell me how you want it. Make me believe it!”

“Oh yessssss”, I groaned, staring into his eyes. “I want your long thick manhood up my ass! YESSSSSSS! I want you to fuck me in the ass!” I realized I was shouting much louder than I had intended to and it suddenly occurred to me that I did indeed want him there. .  I was very excited and I could feel my wetness running down the inside of my right thigh as Sir continued to stroke slowly.

“That’s what I like”, he said with a smile. “I like a woman who’ll speak her mind and let a guy know what she really wants from him. . .” He laughed and pulled himself free of my wet thighs, slowing to a stop as the head passed over my inner lips. Again, I had to fight with myself to keep from pushing down onto him. I understood completely that my job was not to act on my own initiative but rather to submit only to the desires of my Master . .. nothing more and nothing less! At the moment, the desires of my Master happened to be the desires of this thin man. ..

“Open up again, babe”, he said coarsely. “Let’s get this show on the road!”

I shifted some of my weight onto my left foot so I could open my thighs for him and was startled by the speed of his attack! Before I had even planted my feet comfortably he had hunched down behind me far enough to direct his aim upward, thrusting up into my wet but unprepared cunt. .  not very far, thank God, only a few inches, but enough to make me groan loudly. I hoped that maybe the sound of my spiked heels scraping on the floor had covered it, but my untimely error did not go

unnoticed. . “If there’s any groaning to be done”, he said, “I’ll be the one doing it.”

He moved deeper then, straightening his legs slowly and driving up into me. His hands were moving too, sliding upward across my stomach and coming to rest on my breasts. I watched his fingers in the mirror as they seemed to move in slow motion. He made an obvious show with both hands, clamping my nipples between his thumbs and fingers. “Is that clear”, he asked, suddenly squeezing very tight with his fingers and twisting my nipples roughly.

“Yes, sir”, I answered, his invading cock forgotten for the moment. All I could think of was the burning pain in my nipples as I fought to control myself . .. please, Master give me strength. ..

Sir slowly released his iron grip on my throbbing nipples but kept his hands on my breasts, squeezing them ever so gently and forming them into sharply pointed cones that strained against my blouse. He had also resumed his other activity and I concentrated on keeping my eyes on his in the mirror while my mind followed the path of his cock.

“I knew you understood that, baby”, he said softly next to my ear. “Your Master spoke highly of you.”

I felt so grateful for those words that I could have cried then if it hadn’t been for the fact that the head of his cock had come to press rudely against my cervix. I needed all of my control then as I tried to relax inside, preparing myself for the uncomfortable and sometimes painful sensation that comes when your womb is pushed up into an area where it doesn’t belong. .  Master had once punished me in that way. His cock is an inch or two longer than I can comfortably manage and he had given me the most brutal fucking I’ve ever experience, slamming his rigidness into me for what seemed an eternity. The bruises I suffered inside from that session caused me pain for several days afterward. There had been other times though when he was more tender and loving, entering me fully . .. but slowly enough for me to cope. I find that gentle pushing against my cervix is very nice and sensual when done in a loving way.

But that was Master, and this was Sir. . . and I had no delusions of being able to accommodate him if he were to turn violent. My mind was a flurry of thoughts and I felt on the verge of panic when his voice brought me back.

“You’ll have to start breathing again, babe”, he was saying.

“We’re a long way from being done and I don’t want you passing out on me.”

While he spoke I could feel him drawing out slowly and I realized that I HAD been holding my breath.

“Yes, sir”, I said.

He was moving in and out slowly then and it felt so heavenly that I wanted him to keep doing that for ever . .. and judging from his position behind me it was obvious he was only using part of his “capabilities”. I was incredibly wet by then and I could actually hear the squishing sound his cock made as it moved in and out of me. I wanted so badly to press my fingers against the front of my skirt . .. just for a few moments . .  my clit was throbbing and I knew I could cum so easily.

“You’re very wet”, he said softly. “Maybe I won’t need any help from the K-Y after all.”

That was when he drew himself completely free of my cunt . .. I could feel his knees alongside of my own as he crouched low behind me and eased the slippery head back just a little. He had moved his hands to my hips, holding me in place and I could see only his eyes above my shoulder as he began pushing upward gently. He moved in small nudges, gently but firmly “knocking at my door” and I tried to get my mind in tune with what he was trying to accomplish.

I’m not a new-comer to back-door sex. Master had trained me well . .. and I knew what I had to do . .. if only Sir would be patient enough. He seemed to be, the gentle urging of his cock head adding to my pleasure and further heightening my anticipation. I had been taught that the most comfortable way to allow my partner entry was actually to bear down as if straining with a bowel movement, thus loosening the sphincter muscle.

That was what I did with Sir, and was almost immediately rewarded by the sudden but painless feeling of being stretched open as he slipped into me . .. not real deep but just enough for a start. He was gracious enough to pause right there for a few moments, moments I needed to help me control my composure. I looked at my reflection and was pleased to see a picture of passive calm, my arms still hanging limp at my sides. The only clue that something was amiss was the pink glow of my cheeks . .. no one would have suspected that I had a stranger’s cock up my ass and the sheer novelty kinkiness of the situation added to my inner excitement.

Sir began moving up and down very slowly, not actually moving in or out of me but rather just moving the tight band of my anus in and out slightly where I gripped him. I could feel his head just inside moving up and down a little and I was surprised to find myself impatient for more . .. Sir was making sounds behind me, quiet sounds in his throat that spoke of his enjoyment of the moment and I think I loved him right then for being so gentle and patient when he didn’t really need to be. It was becoming difficult for me to stand motionless while Sir teased me and I took a chance on doing something positive. I squeezed together with my cheeks just a little and felt them press against the sides of his cock . .. and discovered that he was dry already. All of my precious juices had evaporated from his once slick shaft. He felt it too, I’m sure, because he pulled himself free of my ass and stood up straight. Taking a half step back, he disengaged himself from the slit in my skirt and then moved up close again, squeezing my breasts and stroking his long cock up and down against my lower back where it was sandwiched between us.

“You’ve got a great ass, slave”, he said, forming my breasts into sharply pointed cones again with his hands.

“Thank you, sir”, I offered, not really sure if a response was warranted or not. I half expected him to try twisting my nipples off again but he was apparently not offended.

“I spent too much time playing around though. ..”

Releasing my breasts, he reached for the rope around my neck and lifted it up and over my head. He stood back a little and I could tell he was probably unscrewing the cap, his eyes pointed down behind me. From the was his shoulder moved then it looked like he was stroking himself . .. and he smiled up at me over my shoulder.

“. . so I’ll just slick everything up real good and get back to work . .. sound OK to you, babe?”

I couldn’t believe I’d heard something that sounded so much like he was asking if it was all right with me! I ventured a timid “Yes, sir” and saw him smile again.

His hand moved down along the valley between my buttocks, or at least I thought it was his hand until I felt the cool metallic touch through the slit. He used a finger to locate the right spot and then pushed the end of the tube into me . .. not the whole end of the tube, but just the threaded end, and it felt rough. When he squeezed, I felt a sudden chill as the jelly was forced into my rectum. He must have emptied the whole tube up into me because I felt him fumbling with it and it seemed as though he was flattening it with his fingers.

He pulled the empty tube back out of my skirt and I watched him toss it and the rope over in the vicinity of his pants. I felt full . .. the sensation of having a cool mass of something in my ass brought on an almost overpowering urge to force it back out . .. even though I knew it would be a mistake.

Sir didn’t give me long to ponder though because I watched him spit into his hand and I could tell he was stroking himself again . .. and when he crouched down behind me I closed my eyes and waited expectantly for him. The combination of K-Y and saliva created a very slippery condition and, having been loosened somewhat only a minute or two earlier I didn’t need any special skill to help him enter me. I felt him search for a moment and let my breath out slowly as he penetrated me deeply. With one long and smooth motion he arched his hips upward against my bottom and I followed his cock with my mind as he filled me literally to over-flowing.

The jelly that wasn’t pushed along in front squashed out around the edges of my quivering anus and I raised up involuntarily on my toes as I felt some of it ooze down along the backs of my thighs. I realized belatedly that I was whimpering quietly, not from any sense of pain but more from a feeling of panic . .. I was afraid I would be hurt . .. I had taken the full length of Master up into my ass many times but had always believed he had reached the very limit that I could safely accommodate . .. and I had no doubt that I was soon to be taken well beyond that limit!

I felt his hands on my chest, his fingers squeezing tightly . .. and my eyes snapped open to see him staring at me over my shoulder. He seemed to be standing completely upright then, his rigid cock feeling like a spear, and I knew that if I settled down onto my heels “like a good slave” I wouldn’t be able to bear the pain . .. that something inside of me would tear . ..

“You can do it, baby”, he was saying. “Pretend like you’re taking a shit.”

A small part of my mind rebelled at hearing such coarse language . .. until I reflected on what I was doing . .. what was being done to me . .. and somehow the words didn’t seem so offensive. I tried to concentrate on his instructions and made a feeble attempt at bearing down, even though I knew I’d fail. But I felt something moving as my muscles tried to squeeze him out . .. and he slid up into me deeper yet! He was straightening my twisted intestines and the rhythm of my muscles trying to dislodge him were actually aiding him in penetrating even deeper . ..

It seemed then for a while as if I were somewhere else . .. I don’t know where, just some dreamy place where I floated back and forth between the realms of pleasure and pain. My entire being would be concentrated on a wondrous feeling of fulfillment, almost better than an orgasm . .. knowing only that I was filled to capacity with a living being that wanted to touch my burning core. But then I would feel that idea slipping from my grasp, only to be replaced by one of incredible suffering . . a terrible pain deep inside of me that threatened my very sanity! Somewhere in my semi-conscious thoughts though, I realized that Sir was slowly impaling me with his inhumanly rigid maleness . .. deeper than I’d ever dreamed possible . .. and I was afraid for my own well-being.

Intermixed with those two diametrically opposed sensations was the occasional twinge of pain in my breasts . .. a kind of pain that wasn’t always pain but sometimes bordered on pleasure. Regardless of what color it wore, it made me want to cry out . .. in pain or in utter ecstasy, it didn’t really matter. Foremost in my mind was always the admonition that I must make Master proud of me . .. that I could not display anything but the passive submission that had been so lovingly trained into my make-up.

So when it occurred to me that Sir was withdrawing from me it was with a mixed feeling of disappointment and relief. I opened my eyes and stared at the pale reflection of my face, not at all surprised by the rivulets of sweat that adorned my cheeks and neck. My breath caught in my throat as his soft crown slipped free of my unfeeling anus and the idea that he was finished with me was just beginning to sink in when he spoke close beside my ear . ..

“You almost had it all, baby”, he said, pinching my nipples with his rough hands. I felt my skirt moving as he pulled himself free of the slit and moved his hands to my shoulders to turn me around toward him. “But you need to get it wetter for me . ..”

“Yes, sir”, I said automatically as I felt his hands pressing down on my shoulders. I let myself be bent at the waist, the movement making me feel very empty inside as a small amount of the jelly oozed out and ran part way down my thigh. My eyes were glued to the glistening knob of his cock and I was resigned to the fact that I was to use my mouth to “get it wetter” for him. Halfheartedly I let a small amount of spit fall from my lips to add itself to the already slick-looking coating of the jelly. It landed squarely on the head and ran uselessly off the side and disappearing underneath.

“Now”, he admonished sternly, “you know that’s not what I need, baby . .. put your mouth on it and get it good and wet!”

I felt a hand on the back of my head, guiding me lower as I closed my eyes and readied myself for the disgusting thing I was about to do. The idea of having him in my mouth after having been so deeply up my ass would ordinarily have turned my stomach. But I did it . .. I opened widely for him and marveled at the soft and velvety texture of his glans. I was somewhat surprised that there was no objectionable odor, the jelly apparently rejecting any matter that would ordinarily have adhered to the invader. The slight salty taste was not unpleasant and I slathered my lips and tongue wetly around the head and upper shaft, depositing as much saliva as possible.

Sir quickly drew me back up to stand before him and I had the uncanny sense that he was about to kiss me . .  but he did not. He informed me quietly that he would need some assistance from me. “We don’t want to loose any of that great spit, baby . .. so when I turn you around I want you to find the slit in your skirt with your fingers and hold it open for me so the material doesn’t rub on my cock . .. understand?”

“Yes, sir”, I said, emphasizing the words with a small nod as he smiled and turned me to face the large mirror once again.

I stared at my own face while I located the slit between two of the pleats and, bending forward slightly, I carefully pulled the satin aside. While checking to be sure I had all of it out of the way, I innocently slipped a fingertip into my juicy ass . .. I was stunned at the way it felt! There was absolutely no resistance at all . .. it felt as if I had dipped my finger into a bowl of warm pudding. “That’s it”, he said. “Bend over just a little until I get it in . .. then you can stand up straight again.”

I felt the hot slippery mass rub against the back of my knuckles as he introduced it once again into my well-greased bottom. There was only the slightest sensation of stretching as he thrust in smoothly, quickly working the long shaft up as far as he had been earlier. It was a good feeling . .. a wonderful feeling of being filled, but without the pain. The extra lubrication from my mouth had made all the difference in the world!

As he reached around in front of me with one hand to cup my breast, he pulled me up once again while pushing just a little with his hips. I shuddered inside as I felt his cock move deeper . .. this time only a twinge of pain . .. and by the time I had straightened up completely I was greeted for the first time by the pressure of his bony mound against my quivering buttocks! I had unconsciously lifted up onto my toes again as a defense against the terrible pain I knew would come . .. but I was okay!

I gently eased my weight back down onto my heels as he pressed up into me firmly and I had the impression of hanging on a large and obscene hook of some kind . .. his hands were on my breasts again, kneading the soft flesh and twisting my nipples gently between his fingers. In my mind, I could identify the exact location of his big knob where it was lodged deep in my bowels. It was almost directly behind my navel and I could feel him flexing it, making it harder and more rigid . ..

“Slip those shoes off now, baby”, he said softly, squeezing my breasts and urging himself a small fraction of an inch farther into me. I did as he instructed, using the toe of one foot to push against the other heel and soon had them both off. Back up on my toes again, I hung there in his grasp, on his hook, not daring to loosen the grip I had on him with my clenched buttocks . ..

“Relax, baby”, he said. “Loosen those buns up and take it all . .. you can do it.”

His words had a way of relaxing me, making me trust him, and I did as he instructed. I began to loosen up with my cheeks and felt myself slipping down even farther onto him and when the sharp stab of pain came I tried desperately to squeeze myself up again, to no avail! I tried his earlier suggestion of “pretend like you’re taking a shit” and it seemed to help a little. Within a few moments I had completely loosened my “buns” and was truly hanging there, very little weight on my trembling toes . .. he seemed to be supporting me with his rigid cock, his hands serving only to balance me there where they squeezed my breasts firmly.

We just stood there for a long time, Sir’s hips moving rhythmically and gently, treating me to the most heavenly time! His movement was very slight, probably not more than an inch or maybe even less in and out but it became exquisite in terms of pleasure! He helped me through the stage where I wasn’t real sure if he was hurting me or not . .. it didn’t take too long . .. and right into the realm of honest-to-God pleasure. I was always vividly aware of the movement of his knob way up in there . .. that’s where it felt so good, I guess because it was something I’d never experienced before, you know, real live, to-the-hilt ass-fucking like no one else had ever done me. .

Through it all though I was able to maintain my facade of boredom, my arms hanging limply at my sides. The only thing that might have given me away was the glimmer in my eyes. I started to wonder after some amount of time had passed, maybe ten or fifteen minutes (no lie) of continuous pumping if Sir was ever going to cum. .. His eyes had been closed for the longest time, his chin resting gently on my shoulder. I heard an occasional grunt or maybe just a catch in his breathing, but nothing obvious to let me know what he was feeling. We must have looked really boring and, like I said before, a casual observer would never realize that I was being screwed severely up the ass. An observer would probably think it strange that a tall, thin, naked man was standing so closely behind me but he wouldn’t know for sure.

Finally though, the rhythm changed a little. Sir moved his hands down along my sides to grasp my hips as he gradually lengthened the size of his strokes.

“Bend over, baby”, he said hoarsely. “Rest your hands on your knees if you want . . uh, uh, I’m getting ready. .”

I quickly did as he said and was greeted by the return of some pain as I leaned over. It wasn’t real bad though . .. and I could tell he was getting close so I knew I could handle it for a little longer. He got a little rougher toward the end and he was really thrusting into me with a vengeance . .. he started grunting, real quiet at first but he got pretty loud, and he was making my breasts bounce up and down from the force of his strokes. When he started to shoot I thought he would leave bruises on my hips, he was squeezing so tight, and he held my butt against him till he was done. I could feel him jerking inside of me and, although I tried my best to feel his cum shooting into me, I just couldn’t.

After another minute or so I began to notice that he was shrinking . .. and he started moving his hips against me, apparently trying to salvage his disappearing erection. But it was not to be . .. “I envy your Master”, he said softly, squeezing my breasts very gently. “You are a very capable slave . .. and I will treasure the memory of this time we have had together.”

“Thank you, Sir”, I said timidly. I knew I was blushing but I was simply astounded by his praise. He was a gentleman! What I mean to say is that if it were comprehensible for a gentleman to do to a woman what he had just done to me and still be a gentleman, Sir was that man. .. His flaccid cock slipped from between my cheeks then and I felt something warm and wet running down both of my inner thighs . .. it felt nice because I knew it was his love, his hot semen that he had so dilligently pumped into me in such a profound manner. I too will treasure the memory.

Author: Anonymous