The Chip


Corona took a deep breath, looking at the man before her, standing there with one forefinger held carefully ready. “Go for it.”

Jadon nodded and didn’t give her any more time to think about it. He just touched the fingertip carefully but firmly to the base of her skull, pressing the microchip he had been holding through the skin, to where the chip could interface with her brain.

There was a slight sting as it went through. No more than she would have felt going to the doctor to get a shot, but it loomed large in Corona’s mind.

Still, it was less than she’d feared.

She’d worried about the next part too, but quickly realized the fears were groundless: The spreading nanos that changed her skin from pink to silver, from flesh to metal, didn’t hurt at all. There was a tingle, a warmth, where they worked, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Quite the opposite, actually. It felt like she was being wrapped in a warm cocoon, fitted exactly to her. And the leading edge… It felt like being brushed with a lover’s touch. It set off her nerve endings, yes, but hurt was exactly the wrong word to describe it. The truth was one hundred eighty degrees away, and she’d never felt a sensation to match it.

It took willpower to keep from closing her eyes and moaning, to keep from abandoning herself in the semi-erotic touch of the nanos. But she wanted to see the effect. She held out an arm, where she could feel the wave was already progressing, and watched the skin shift. Hair vanished, creases disappeared, freckles were rolled over as the silver flowed down over her, radiating from the central point at the base of her skull. All that remained behind was pure polished steel. Yet she could move; the metal flexed and stretched just like her old skin had.

That thought brought up her next worry: How the next part would work, how it would feel. What would it feel like, when her mind followed her skin in its transformation? Would she know what had happened? Would she be able to feel it happening?

Her thoughts paused, then segmented and folded away, and she worried no more.

* * *

Jadon stood and waited as the chip did its work, trying to hold back his excitement. He and Corona had been friends for years before he heard of the fantasy that inspired this, and it had taken a lot of work afterwards to get this far. Sure there would probably be more practical uses of the technology, but…

“Initialization complete.” Corona’s voice was stiff, still, robotic. Just like the rest of her.

It had worked.

She stood still, tall. The computer in her mind held her at exact attention: Jadon had been able to tell when the brain converted by the transition from a normal human pose to the exactness of the robot. Well, that and the falling arm.

At the moment no program was running in her brain. Her eyes were unfocused, her expression blank as she waited for instruction.

Jadon circled a moment, just looking at her.

Ah, hell. It was what Corona wanted anyway. “Take off your clothing.”

From their design, that should be an understandable phrase… It was. The robot paused only a moment before short, sharp, efficient movements proceeded to unfasten all of her coverings, and remove them. She let them fall wherever was easiest, and shifted back to the waiting pose.

Throughout the whole thing her head had never moved, and her eyes had never left their million-yard-stare.

Jadon had never seen her naked before, but had come to share her fascination with the robotic form. There had been some minor overtures to suggest they play-act the result before the end, but an unspoken agreement had formed: The chip was their goal, and no substitutes would be allowed to divert them from it.

There was no longer any reason to hold back.

He reached out to her still form, and felt her perfect skin, still warm under his fingers. She was a bio-bot, not fully mechanical, after all.

It felt divine. And her lack of reaction just made it better.

“Harden.” He pointed to one breast as he said it, seeing if she would understand the command.

She did. That nipple, and that nipple alone, hardened in apparent arousal.

He giggled, playing with her, hardening one than the other, then both, then none. She was wonderfully responsive.

But there were other things to test. He kicked her clothes out of the way, then started to move the nude form before him. Corona offered no resistance, shifting easily and staying where he left her. It took but a moment to have her leaning forward, cupping her breasts (with their still-hard nipples) in offering, head held up.

“Save position as Position One.” Jadon stated, once he was happy with the pose.

“Position One saved.” The bot replied.

Satisfied, Jadon went back to moving the body in his control. ‘Position Two’ was upright, knees bent and spread, with her hands on her hips, seeming to push forward to offer her cunt for use.

And ‘Position Three’ was leaning back, hands at ankles, legs spread wide.

“Position One.” At the command, Corona assumed the named position, moving smoothly. “Position Two.” She shifted.

Jadon frowned, and adjusted, telling her to maintain skin contact with her hands as she shifted between the two positions.

The next trial was much better.

“Position Three.” This shift was better: the direct motion achieved the effect he was looking for on it’s own. “Position Two.” She returned. “Position One.” And back to start.

“Perform loop: Position One, Position Two, Position Three, Position Two, Position One. Repeat.” She started to move. “Slower.” She slowed, to a nice sexy dance, offering first her breasts, then her sex, then back, over and over.

And now for the final test. “Activate Personality A.”

* * *

Corona felt her mind restart. There was an odd moment of disorientation as her memories updated with what had happened since it had been put in suspension, then she was thinking clearly again, just as she always had.

Well, not just as she always had: She knew the chip had worked. A query for ‘self’ returned ‘gynoid’ instead of ‘human’ for species, and had a space for ‘owner’, marked ‘Jadon.’ And while she had all her old feelings, emotions, thoughts, and desires back, she could tell that there was more to her mind. This part of that thought of itself as ‘her’ was just one program running in the bot ‘Corona’, with no more control than any other.

At the moment the only other program was the loop between the poses that Jadon had set up. She was aware of it, from her updated memories and the still-flowing movements of her body, but it wasn’t a part of the personality program, so ‘she’ had no other awareness of it. The body she was in just moved, continually, without ‘her’.

‘Her’ was just another program that Corona’s owner could run, if and when he chose.

She did have control of her face, and of her mouth. “Hello owner.” She said, in a voice to match her pose.

“Hi there. Enjoying yourself?” He slid a hand down her as she stood up again.

“Mmm Hm.” She tried to nod with the affirmative, but found she didn’t have the necessary permissions to move her head.

He pointed to her vagina. “Moisten.”

Corona moaned as a wave of arousal flashed through her.

“You noticed that.”

“Yes.” She was aroused, but not beyond her ability to think. “I… Moistening changes status level to ‘aroused’.” In all probability the personality program would never be beyond the ability to think. That was it’s purpose. If her owner wanted her to give in to her instincts, he would have to program those in.

“And hardening your nipples didn’t?”

“Unknown. I was aroused when the personality routine kicked in, but I’m not sure how much was just due to being a robot, finally.”

“Oh, so you like being a robot.” He was teasing her.

“Yes.” Her hands offered her body again, and she agreed with them fully. Though he already owned her, body and mind.

“And how does it feel to be a robot?”

“I… It is hard to describe. I am aware of myself, and of who I was, and I am aware that I am now a program in a robotic mind. I can ‘feel’ my body, much as I always could, but there is a slight sense that the feelings may not be as directly connected as they were. Also, I remember you programming in these motions, but I can’t touch whatever it is that makes my body preform them. I just don’t have the access.”

Jadon leaned into her face. “But that doesn’t answer my question.” She had no choice but to stare back, as her body held her current position for a moment. “How does it feel?”

His hand was on her cunt, but that was irrelevant. Corona’s mind flowed back through all the nights she’d worked the sheets into a tangle while imagining herself exactly where she was right now. All the times she’d worked herself past the point of no return, till the little death was just another part of the fantasy, just the part where the machine took over.

Like it had done. She now existed past that point, beyond it in the eternal embrace of the machine. “Better than I’d dreamed.” Her voice could not hide the emotions of pleasure running through her, even if she’d been able to try.

He stood back up, grinning a wicked smile. “Good. Personality A deactivate.”

Corona’s mind stopped in it’s tracks, and went back to where the bot stored it.

* * *

Jadon decided the moving bot was distracting, and reset her to the ‘standby’ position. Time to test exactly how well the chip had cataloged the parts of her personality. In theory it should be possible to use any part of the original mind on it’s own, or to modify it.

Some of that he knew was working: Those routines were what allowed her to understand his commands, and gave her the basic knowledge of clothes and stuff. But time for some more direct tests.

“Copy Personality A as Personality B. Alter Personality B to be afraid of robotization, and remove attraction.”

“Personality B saved.”

Only one personality could be active at a time, of course, but it could be either one now. “Activate Personality B. Hold position.”

Just in time. “Oh god… Please, let me go. I… I can’t move… Please. I don’t want this anymore. Oh god, why did I agree to this?” She started crying, still standing there.

Jadon figured that worked well enough, but this wasn’t as fun a personality as he’d thought. “Deactivate Personality B.” She went back to blank.

He thought for a moment. They really did need to run a modified personality for a while, but it needed to be something that wouldn’t completely come apart on him. And even if he knew he could erase it in a moment, he really hadn’t enjoyed having his friend sobbing in front of him like that. “Delete Personality B.”

“Personality B deleted.”

Good. Hmm. Perhaps something from base parts? Something a little purpose-specific… “Create new personality as Personality B. No template.” That would leave an absolutely blank ‘Personality’, basically the same as she was at the moment. “Copy sexual skills and knowledge from Personality A into Personality B. Copy desire and attraction for robotization into Personality B. Implant general overriding desire to serve and be controlled by owner, as well as intense sexual desire and response to all aspects of him.” The systems should be able to use her old brain to create a fully usable personality out of that.

“Activate Personality B.”

* * *

Corona came awake again, and saw her owner, the only important thing in her universe. She couldn’t move; the command to ‘Hold position’ still held, but with everything she could she melted, trying to convey her pleasure in his presence, her pleasure to be a robot, and her desire to service him. Especially in the only way she had been given skills to serve. “How may I serve you, owner?” She spoke the invitation more as an affirmation that she was here than any other intention. The main message was in the way the words dripped from her mouth.

She wished she could lean into his touch. She let her breath catch, both in response to what she was feeling as well as an encouragement for him to go further.

“Release hold on position.” Her body came back under her control, and Corona directed her body to flow towards her owner.

He stepped back, and she stopped. He wanted something else from her. “Kneel.” He directed her.

By the time the word has registered on her consciousness, she was already lowering herself to the ground, in ecstasy at having an order to follow.

He smirked down at her. “Follow.” He turned to leave, and Corona followed after, still on her knees.

She wasn’t entirely sure if those commands had been to the robot or to her, but both followed them.

He led her into the kitchen, where he told her to wait by the door. She knelt and watched adoringly as he made himself a snack, then took the tray he handed her to carry gratefully.

She trailed after him as he walked to a chair, then approached as he indicated her to. In moments she was kneeling right at his feet, holding the tray up for him to use. He reminded her not to move, then started to eat.

Her arms locked, so her offering would stay steady until he was finished.

When he had, he looked down at her. “Do you know how to put the tray away?”

Her mind quickly searched for the relevant information, but was unable to find it. “No.” Sadness: She could not serve.

“Deactivate Personality B.”

* * *

Jadon should have known that would happen: He hadn’t given her basic skills beyond sex, so she didn’t know anything but the ‘automatic’ skills. Oh well, a quick bit of reprogramming would fix that… “Add basic household skills and knowledge to Personality B.” She blinked in response. “Activate Personality B.”

Awareness came back to her eyes, and he asked again: “Do you know how to put the tray away?”

The answer was quicker this time. “Yes.”

“Do so, then return. Stay on your knees.”

“Of course.”

Jadon couldn’t help but smile as she shuffled away. He was power-tripping, he knew it, but that had been the idea for this weekend: She would give over her humanity, and he would go on a power trip. They knew their limits; they had been discussed during the design in of the chip that had converted Corona. And anything he wanted within what that chip could do was allowed. He knew that.

She was back in a moment. Snack time was done, time for the main course… “Rise.”

She understood and came to her feet, making it a flowing dance.

“Follow me.” He didn’t bother to check: She would follow. The bedroom was only a few feet away, after all.

“Undress me.”

Her sexual programming understood what he wanted: to be aroused as well as undressed. Her hands moved almost of their own accord over his skin, caressing and teasing as they removed first his shirt, then his belt, then pants, then underwear.

No verbal commands were needed for the next act, as they transitioned to his bed, and the bot Corona got to serve her owner in her primary function. Every move she made, ever moan she uttered, was calculated and designed to increase his pleasure, and hers therefore.

She exhausted him with pleasure, before with his last waking breaths he sent her to the corner, and instructed her to turn off.

* * *

Jadon stretched as he woke; he hadn’t slept that good in ages. It was going to be a wonderful day, he was sure.

And the body huddled in the corner was why.

He got up, to inspect her in this final state: seated, hands around her legs, her head resting forward. Compact, and a position that allowed her to avoid stressing her body while in storage. He reached down, testing her movement.

He couldn’t even move one finger on her. Off, as programmed, locked her in place until she was reactivated. She wouldn’t see anything, hear anything, or move for any reason. Her bio-systems still ran, as they couldn’t be shut down, but all higher activity was completely shut down.

It was a bit of squeeze to get to her belly-button, which had been assigned as the reactivation point, but it also meant she wasn’t going to be reactivated accidentally.

Her eyes opened immediately, and she unfolded to standing. “Bio-bot Corona active.” Nothing was running, of course.

He left her there and went to take a shower.

* * *

Corona’s mind reorganized and restarted. According to her internal chronometer… No, wait. She had no chronometer, she was human again. Looking down, she could see even now the last of that silver skin flaking off and dissolving into dust.

It must be Sunday afternoon.

She could remember the weekend, well most of it anyway. Anytime she hadn’t been turned off, that is.

There had been a lot of sex, and a lot of Jadon indulging himself. He’d even dressed her up and taken her outside for a while; she wondered what people must have thought.

Not that it mattered now.

“So, how was it?” He asked, from behind her.

Of course. She turned, seeing him put the chip away in a plastic container. “It works. Well. I think you had fun as well.”

He blushed. “Yeah, well, I figured that was the point…”

“It was.” She was blushing too, but differently. “Anyway, I think this project was a success.”

“Good. We’ll have to work on safeties, but I think we’ll make millions, personally.”

“Yeah, we will. And… See you next weekend.”

His look was speculative.

“I think we’ll have to flip a coin to see who wears the chip next.” She grinned, collecting the last of her things and heading for the door.

Author: Dark Mind