Erotic Visualization

Hello Shawn. Please come in and have a seat. I’ve read over your file. I see that you’re having some problems with stress and it’s affecting the quality of your orgasms. So what we’re going to do is work on some relaxation techniques and and then I’m going to help you learn to prolong and intensify your sexual pleasure. These are things you’ll practice during masturbation but you’ll be soon be able to apply them to your sexual encounters with a partner as well. I want you to know that you can trust me completely. This is what I do. You’re in a safe place and I’m here to help. Ok? Well, let’s get started.

I’d like you to disrobe and then lie on the couch. Is the room warm enough Shawn? Good. I’m going to start by massaging your temples. Just close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice, feel my touch. I want you to begin to take relaxing slow breaths. Put everything out of the mind. Let all of your stress go. Try to focus only on the breath and allowing it to become as slow and deep as possible. When thoughts come into the mind, push them aside. As you breath, relax your body. Allow yourself to sink down, into your center. Breathe deep as you relax further. Notice how good it feels to relax and breathe deep. Remember, the rest of the day has been spent on doing for others in one way or another. Now it is your special time. Time only for you. Time for you to feel relaxed, peaceful, and pleasured. As you continue breathing, allow your body to find its own natural breathing rhythm. As you breath, relax and sink further down, you may start feeling a tingling sensation in your feet or hands. Allow this feeling to grow in your body. Get in touch with how your body feels. Continue breathing, in and out, in and out. You may feel your body getting lighter or heavy. Let your body take you where you need to go. Allow yourself to go deeper. As you continue to breath allow yourself to get ready for an erotic experience. Feel how good it is to relax.

I want you to picture a beautiful, peaceful river. The sun is shining and you are paddling a canoe downriver. There are no phones ringing, no one talking, and nothing that needs to be done. The only thing to focus on is being out in the beauty of nature. Listen to the sound of the water gently caressing the canoe as you guide it slowly downstream. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, and your body. It’s warming you and relaxing you. The canoe needs very little paddling since you’re just slowly drifting downstream. You’re not exerting yourself in the least. When you put the paddle in the water, the motion feels like a delicious stretch for your muscles, bringing you an even deeper sense of peace and relaxation. Look at all of the beautiful foliage at the shore of the river. See the beauty of the plants and pretty flowers. You can smell the woodsy fragrance mixed with the floral scents. You can hear the sound of the crickets as they gently dance along the river. Birds are fluttering and singing in the trees along the shoreline. The farther down the river you drift, the more relaxed you become.

Now Shawn, I want you to paddle the canoe over to the shore. There’s a sunlit clearing there. You want to go there because you know there is someone waiting for you. As you visualize the clearing, you see an area at the edge of the trees that is in the shadows. As you look think about and visualize this shadowy place, you feel that there is a presence there. Instinctively, you know that this presence is your dream lover, even though you cannot see them yet. As you watch, you see their form start to emerge from the shadows. Their features still are not clear enough to make out, but you do notice that the form is very sexy and you feel drawn to their form. You notice movement. The person is slowly moving toward you, but still hard to see. As they approach, you start to make out some of their features. You see the shape of their hair and face. You see how sexy they move. You know that they are coming to be with you at this time and the attraction grows deeper still. As they step out of the shadows into the light, you notice how beautiful your dream lover appears. You notice that this person definitely feels passion for you too. Continue to breath, Shawn. As your partner comes closer, notice what they are wearing. It could be a sexy outfit. It could be a more seductive outfit. You like what you see. They slowly approach and you feel a desire building within you. Just watching them move toward you, knowing how much they desire you, you feel your body responding. You feel the tingles of passion begin to hum along your nerve endings. You feel your cock growing. You look into your partner’s eyes and know that they desire a kiss. Somehow you know instinctively that this kiss will be like no other that you have experienced.

You move closer together. Your lips touch and part slightly. You feel each other’s breath, deep and warm. Your tongues touch and you taste your lover’s mouth. You explore together in a deep passionate kiss. As you continue to kiss, you feel one another’s mouth and the fullness of your lips. Tongues dart in and out, touching and retreating. A warmth envelops you. Your lover’s warmth, growing warmer with each touch. You are wanted and desired. You are their only desire.

Now Shawn, as you are kissing your dream lover I want you to begin to slowly stroke your cock. Imagine their body pressing against yours, moving sensually, softly grinding against you. That’s what you feel as you pump your cock with your hand. You feel your lover, excited by your hardness and readiness, moving against you. Feel their desire. Slow strokes, Shawn. That’s a good boy. There’s no rush, no urgency other than passion.

You stand in the beautiful sunshine and undress each other, sensually and slowly. You reveal your bodies to one another teasingly. Each bit revealed is explored and kissed and touched. You learn each other’s taste and texture. You smell your lover’s intoxicating scent, growing steadily more pronounced as they become even more aroused by you. They must touch you, must taste you because you are all they want and need. The scent of your body, aroused by them, is intoxicating to them as well.

As you kiss, you feel their naked body embrace you, skin against skin. Tongues explore darting in and out. You feel the heat emanating from your partner, combining with your own body heat. A gentle breeze caresses exposed flesh. Your partner gently guides you to lay down and begins to caress and touch your body. A soft touch, then the glide of a fingernail traces along your skin. Your lover knows where you want to be touched. They are guided your movements and their passion for you. As you feel your lover touching and caressing your exposed flesh, feel their hand wrap around your rock-hard cock. They know just how you need to be touched there as well, Shawn. As you continue to stroke your cock, I want you to feel that it is your lover’s hand around it. As your desire builds, somehow your lover realizes and responds to your every need. You feel your body begin to burn even hotter with passion. More teasing touches and perhaps a lick of the tongue sends more ripples of desire throughout your body. As you continue to breath, you feel your lover’s breath near your cock, their tongue leaving a wet trail.. Another breath and you feel the tingly coolness. Your lover’s tongue goes wild, lapping on and around you bringing erotic sensations throughout you body and then slows down, licking everywhere your body craves attention. As before, your partner senses your every need and responds, bringing you to greater sexual heights. Enjoy the attentions being favored on your body. You may begin to feel the urge to orgasm, but you resist. It’s worth the wait. Don’t cum yet, Shawn. I want you to take some deep slow breaths, concentrating on your breathing again. Breathe in and out, slowly. Slow your hand down, ease the pressure from your cock, just a bit. You feel your passion coming under your control again. You are in control. You’re not ready to cum just yet. You feel the intense pleasure and desire, but you want to wait to experience your orgasm. It’s going to be so much more vivid for you that way.

Now, go back to concentrating on the image of your dream lover. Feel them moving against your body, touching and exploring you. Your lover slows down and then you receive a kiss. Your lover lies beside you. You reach over and start to explore their body. Teasing and touching, gently caressing all over, oh how good it feels to arouse them like this. As you explore your lover, I want you to continue to stroke your cock, feeling their pleasure within your own body. That’s how connected you are with your dream lover. You feel what they feel. Watch and see how your lover responds to your touch. You notice that they writhe and you hear their soft moans as you raise their desire. When you feel ready, you kiss your way down to their sex, breathing gently smelling their beautiful aroma. You feel a hunger growing to taste your lover so intimately, and as you do you lick on and around their sex. Playing and touching the most intimate areas of their body. You are rewarded with the moisture, the increased warmth, and the feeling of their hands on you, urging you to continue. You can hear them saying your name, Shawn, oh Shawn, over and over. You are bringing them such pleasure. You are their perfect match, their one desire because you know just how to touch and kiss them.

You feel how much they want you to bring them the sweet release their body hungers for. Feel them reaching for it, attuned to your every touch. Building, faster and faster. You feel the same sensations but you will wait, you will prolong their pleasure by stopping just short of your own. Feel their hips surge upward, seeking more contact with your skilled lips and tongue and fingers. Take them over slowly, Shawn. There is no rush. Feel their pleasure, feel them reaching for it. But you are in control. Stroke your cock slowly, as you kiss and caress your lover. It feels so good to bring them such joy and pleasure. They’re almost there. Just a bit more…feel them start to convulse and spasm, their body trembling with pleasure and release. You can see the sweet smile on their beautiful face, the look of peace. You hear them whispering words of love, telling you what a good boy you are for giving them what they needed and wanted, praising your skills as a lover.

Shawn, are you ready? They want you. They want you inside them. Your lover needs you. You feel your sex gently brush against your partner’s genitals. The rhythmic rubbing begins, slowly at first. Feel their body opening to you, drawing you in. Grasp your cock nice and tight as you stroke it. Feel yourself thrusting inside. You feel the wetness of both your bodies and thrust even more. Feeling your sex merge and intermingle with your partners, you move together in the lovemaking dance. The rhythm builds and you feel your pleasure begin to intensify further. You are completely embraced by your lover, held tight, your bodies moving together. You feel their nails gently scratch your back and they try to get even closer to you, so overcome by pleasure and desire for you. Your name become a chant for them. Shawn, Shawn, over and over. You can feel them wanting you. They want to feel you cum inside them. They need it. Their body squeezes and massages your cock as you thrust, building up speed and force. The need for soft, gentle lovemaking has subsided and now you are coming together almost animalistically. Your lover returns your passion, thrusting against you, and urging you even deeper. They are building with you. Your orgasm is so close and you know theirs is too. They want to cum with you, to find the release of such pleasure at the same time. They want to join with you in the intense fire of sexual heat. Their body moves and writhes, they are moaning in your ear. Panting breathlessly, saying your name, grasping your tightly. Feel their want, feel the burning need for you. So close, no need to hold back any longer. Feel the waves begin to wash over you. Feel your cock begin to spasm inside your lover. You feel your partner reaching that place of no return, urged by the feeling of you cumming inside them. You hear them reach orgasmic ecstasy and feel your orgasm overtake you. Feel your cock spurt as you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before, the pleasure of your orgasm and your lover’s orgasm radiates throughout your body. Your every nerve is alive with the joy and bliss of it.

Now, I want you to begin to slow your breathing. Experience the relaxation that comes after such an intense orgasm. Imagine your lover lying next to you, close. Softly touching your face and chest, smiling at you. They tell you over and over how beautiful that was, how pleased and satisfied they are. They trail soft kisses and whisper to you about what a good boy you are. It feels so good to be so appreciated. Continue to slow your breathing. You and your lover stand, kissing gently. You embrace once more, knowing that you will see each other soon. You watch your lover walk away and back into the shadows at the edge of the trees. When you can no longer see them, you get back into your canoe and begin paddling further downstream. You feel so relaxed and at peace. You feel no stress, no worry. The beauty of nature draws you in again and you reflect on the beautiful encounter you’ve just shared. Focus on the sunlight on your body, the warmth of it on your face, the sound of the water lapping at your canoe and the crickets along the shore. As you are ready, take a few deep breaths and feel your body in the here and now. Allow yourself to slowly become conscious of your surroundings. As it feels right, you can open your eyes.

Well, Shawn. That was wonderful. You did so well for your first session. I want you to practice this visualization every day, at least once. Focus on the breathing and soon you’ll be able to relax and de-stress just from the breathing techniques. The sexual aspects of your therapy will bring you the intense and prolonged pleasure that we talked about. When I see you next week, we’ll create a new visualization fantasy for you to use, keeping things fresh. Thank you for coming today, Shawn.

Author: Raven Fox