The Joy of Sex

Ten years since I set foot in this sleepy little outpost, nothing seems to have changed at all. It’s like a place stuck in a void, unable to break free. It’s a quintessentially English village – stuffy, well to do folk who look down on you if you don’t speak like a broadcaster from the 1950’s. Everybody has their nose in other peoples business, there are no secrets here.

I pass many folk who I know as I walk through the narrow lanes, but nobody seems to want to talk, they either pretend not to see me or hurry by, heads down. They need not worry, I don’t intend to stay in this hole of a place any longer than necessary. I’m only here to visit my family and to sort out a little financial problem.

I’ve been walking for thirty minutes now, not a soul has spoken, I reach The Poacher’s Pocket – the one and only pub in the village. I decide to have a look inside, maybe I’ll see a friendly face, but I don’t hold high hopes.

I push the heavy oak door open and smell that familiar slightly stale English pub odor. The Poacher’s looked tired ten years ago, and by the look of things, it hasn’t seen a lick of paint since I was last in here. I don’t have fond memories of the place, in fact It leaves a sour taste in my mouth, much like the ale they sell.

The low hushed conversation is soon muted as I enter the lounge area, the locals all pretend to be inspecting their fingernails or reading newspapers, anything but face me. The pool table in the corner looks like it hasn’t had a new cloth since I last encountered it, bet the old stains are still present if I wanted to look, but I don’t.

I lean on the bar, nobody seems to be serving so I knock on the counter. A face from my past comes through from the back room.

“Jake, oh my god, what are you doing back here?”

“Hi Joy, nice to see you too. Pint please.”

She pulls my drink, but her eyes don’t leave mine, not sure if it’s a friendly look or not. Her face seems to have aged a lot, a tangle of wrinkles underpin her sunken eyes. What has happened to the vivacious, fun loving girl I used to know.

You see, Joy used to be my girlfriend. We met at school and became friends then lovers. I idolized her, putting her on a pedestal, lavishing expensive gifts upon her on a weekly basis. The sex was amazing, she had a voracious appetite and not prudish in the slightest, she was up for pretty much anything.

I pay for the drink and make my way into a quiet corner, it suits me that nobody is talking, I don’t really have anything to say to them. I’m joined a few minutes later by Joy, her shift now over.

“Why have you come back, Jake? There is nothing here for you now.”

I can see heads are turning, we are being talked about, naturally.

“I’m just back to sort out a few loose ends, then I’ll be away from here, soon as I can.”

We chat, an odd, uneasy conversation. Neither of us know what to say. I remark that I can’t believe she is still working here ten years on.

“Well, you get into a rut don’t you?”

I tell her not always, I’ve moved on, got a great job and apartment in London.

We talk more, both relaxing a little. We move inevitably onto the subject of out relationship, not something I want to go into. It still hurts.

“Do you ever wonder about what could have been, if we’d stayed together? If it hadn’t been for ’that’ night?”

Ah yes that night, it’s still vivid after all this time, my mind wanders back……………..

It was a hazy, late Autumn Sunday, for once the rain had held off and the whole village seemed to be converged in The Poacher’s. Joy had organized a charity fund raising event for The Elms, a local animal sanctuary, she had done lots of voluntary work for them over the last two years. Unfortunately money had become tight and they needed a substantial cash boost just to keep them afloat. The day had been a great success, locals taking part in daft events to raise money. The main event was a Pool tournament which was about to start.

I had been drinking all day and felt particularly worse for wear, staggering around in an alcoholic daze. I couldn’t see, let alone walk straight and decided to go home, I still had to work tomorrow. Joy looked particularly pissed off as I told her I was leaving. She was working hard behind the bar, resplendent in her specially printed ‘Save The Elms’ tee shirt. Despite my drunken state I could still see her perky nipples poking through the thin material, she wasn’t wearing a bra. little wonder she was so popular with the regulars.

“See you tomorrow night then, Jake. If you’re not drunk that is.”

I move in for a kiss but she shuns me. I wobble out of the pub and trudge back home.


Joy seemed pensive the next night as I pick her up, she looked worse for wear to be frank. I asked her how the afternoon shift had gone, but I barely got a reply. The evening continued in the same vain, she barely seemed able to look me in the eye. I stayed with her at her parents house overnight, we did have sex but it was perfunctory, she seemed to be going through the motions, not her usual enthusiastic self.

I wake late the next morning and she has already left, another long shift at the Poachers. Her parents have gone to work, so I have the place to myself. I go downstairs and make tea, taking it back upstairs.

I’m sure I left a clean shirt here somewhere, now where could it be? Joy had so many clothes that both of her wardrobes are full. I search the first to no avail so I move on to the other. As I sift through the pile of garments I stumble across an unlabeled video tape. I tried to ignore it, but my curious nature got the better of me. I rushed downstairs to slot the tape into the video player.

I know we have never made a sex tape, so am intrigued, maybe it’s her and one of her ex-boyfriends. Or it could just be something she’s taped off the television, but then why would it be hidden?

I rewind the tape back to the beginning and press play, my palms are all sweaty with anticipation. My excitement drops, it seems to have nothing on it. I fast forward and after a minute or so a picture breaks through the blank screen, how exciting, it’s a CCTV picture of the Poachers car park, the date at the bottom of the screen showing the date two days ago. Well this is riveting.

I forward on, after five minutes the picture cuts to the lounge area, showing the time as 11.54pm – well after last orders and chucking out time. I can see Joy is sat around a small table along with Jack the landlord, Ivor the eighteen year old glass collector and local farmers, Joe and Marcus. They are all drinking, including Joy, it must be a lock in.

“So, how did the collection go then, Joy?” Jack asks.

“Really well, we’ve raised over a thousand pounds all in all.”

The security camera zooms in a touch, this recording has obviously been edited, and I always thought security cameras only recorded pictures, not the actual audio. I can see the time has moved on to 12.09am.

“So how much did you need to raise, what was the target?” Jack inquires.

“One thousand five hundred, we didn’t quite make it.”

Murmured conversation around the table, Jack seems to be whispering to the others, they seem to be nodding in agreement with what he is saying, muffled laughter fills the stuffy room.

“I’ve got a proposition for you, Joy. Take your top off when you serve the next round, let us see those lovely tits, we’ll chip in a bit more between us.”

“No way. I’m not doing that. I don’t want you lot ogling me.”

Marcus chips in, tells her they will make it worth her while.

Joy’s initial reluctance seems to be disappearing, I can see by the look on her pretty face that she’s caught in a moral dilemma.

“Just how much are we talking about here, Jack?”

“Enough, might get you closer to the target. Think how happy you would make those good people at The Elms?”

“I don’t know, what would Jake think?”

“He’s not here, and nobody around this table will say a word.”

Joy seems to be in two minds, torn.

“Well, okay. It is for a good cause. Just don’t tell Jake. He’d go fucking berserk.”

The image zooms in closer to Joy’s body as she lifts the cheap tee shirt over her head, revealing her large pale breasts, pink nipples standing erect. She pulls the drinks and leaves them on the bar. Four pairs of eyes are hungrily eying up her impressive breasts.

Jack tells her to get a tray and bring them over.

She slowly walks over with the drinks, trying not to spill a drop, breasts shaking softly in rhythm with her steps. Joy gives the boys a real eyeful, bending down to place the glasses on the table.

“You better not be bullshitting me, Jack. The Elms really need that cash.”

Joy bends over in front of Jack as she places his ale on the table, his huge hands grope her curvy bum.

“Joy, honey. We’ve had a little chat between us and we think we have a great proposition for you.”

“Oh yeah, and what’s that?”

“You give us an hour of your time, right now. Be really nice to us and we’ll save The Elms, even give a little bit more to keep it going into next year.”

Joy looks shocked, gradually taking in what Jack is offering

“You want me to fuck you, all four of you? And what about your wife, Jack, isn’t she upstairs?”

“If you want that precious sanctuary to keep going, then you’re gonna have to get a little dirty, Joy. Nobody ever got anywhere in this life by taking the passenger seat. Don’t worry about Marion, she’s away at her sister’s.”

“Well I’m not sure, I mean what would…”

She doesn’t get to finish the sentence, Jack pulls her body down so she is sitting on his lap. His mouth hungrily sucking at her neck, hands groping her melon sized breasts from behind, rolling her nipples between his thick fingers. Joy gasps with pleasure, she can never resist her sensitive nipples being played with.

“You like that, don’t you Joy? I know you’re a dirty girl.”

“Oh yes, yes. I love it Jack. I love my boobs being touched, It get me hot and bothered.”

Her bum is grinding into his crotch, the flush complexion of his face tells me he is turned on, he better be careful, a man nearing his sixties could get over excited. His hand moves down to her crotch and fondles Joy’s pussy through her tight lycra trousers. He certainly seems to know how to turn a girl on, Joy is sighing deeply, obviously aroused.

He leans in, deep low voice asking my girl if they have a deal.

“Oh fuck, yes, just as long as you make the donation you promised, now shut up and keep touching me, I’m getting really, really wet down there.”

His hand has slipped Inside her trousers and is rubbing Joy’s pussy roughly, causing her to gasp in delight, her legs spread wider to allow his thick fingers access to her slit. The expression on her face is one of true pleasure. The other guys around the table are watching this happen, seemingly transfixed, although there is a lot of shifting around awkwardly on seats as they are obviously becoming turned on.

Jack withdraws his hand, leaving Joy looking disappointed, she was just getting into the swing. I watch with a pang of jealously as Jack licks her juices from his fingers.

“Nice wet pussy, Joy. That’s what I like too see.”

He pulls her to her feet and kisses her lips hard as his hands grope her ripe breasts, she kisses him back with equal desire, massaging his crotch, searching for his hard on. I always thought Joy had a crush on Jack, she always said she wanted to try and older lover. Looks like her wish will be granted.

“You should get yourself out of those clothes Joy, it’s time the show began.”

Joy gingerly removes her flat shoes and trousers, standing now just in the lacy white panties that I has given to her as a present only last week. Her hairy pussy clearly visible through the material. In slow motion she pulls them off, standing naked in front of the four men, the looks on their faces is priceless. Young Ivor looks particularly turned on, gasping as she removes her underwear.

“Well boys, do I look good enough to fuck?”

Marcus tells her she looks amazing.

Jack is the first to make a move, removing his clothes in a flash, for a man of his age he has a good body, and a decent sized dick which is now pointing skywards. The other guys are still sat around like lemons, not reacting at all, they seem content just to watch Jack fuck my girl.

Joy seems to be gaining confidence by the second, moving in to kiss Jack with real desire, her hand draped around his length, jerking him quickly. His hand is once again touching her sex, she seems to like it.

“Do you like my hairy pussy, Jack. Does it get you going?”

He doesn’t utter a word, busy working two fingers in and out of her quickly.

I know how turned on Joy gets when being fingered, and Jack is obviously doing something right, judging by her heightened cries of pleasure. She seems to be heading for climax when Jack suddenly withdraws his fingers and tells her to stop jacking him off.

“You’re being very rude, Joy. Ignoring our guests, and just pleasing me.”

“You’re right Jack, come on guys, get naked right now and get your asses over here. I want to see your nice hard cocks.”

Since when did my Joy start speaking like a porn star? I kind of like it.

The fellas don’t need asking twice, and it seems to be a race to see who can strip off first. It’s Joe, a married man in his thirties, he is in fairly good shape with an average sized manhood, next up it’s Marcus who unfortunately is quite overweight and doesn’t boast a very big penis, it looks about five inches tops.

Last to shed his clothes is Ivor the young glass collector. He seems hesitant standing in just his pants, he must be nine stone tops, he has a pale weedy body with barely and muscle on him. He seems overawed.

Joy helps him along, telling him to get his kit off right this minute. He sheepishly pulls of his pants to reveal a major shock. His body may have been that of a boy, but his manhood was another matter. I look on in jealousy as his monster cock loomed into view, thick and veiny with a deep crimson head. It was thicker than his arm, which having seen his arm wasn’t saying much admittedly, but it must have been nine inches long. It was Joy’s turn to gasp.

“Oooh wow, look at the cock on you, Ivor. You kept that quiet you dirty bastard. Get it over here right now.”

The other guys look to have been forgotten as Joy beckons Ivor over, gently caressing his penis until it’s bone hard.

“Please tell me you’re a virgin, Ivor? I really want to take your cherry.”

He’s a shy boy, stammering out that he isn’t. Joy reminds him she’s known his since he was fifteen and had never known him ever even talk to a girl. He eventually gives in and admits that he is a virgin. The other men take great pleasure in mocking him.

“You’re going to enjoy this, Ivor. I’m gonna suck that lovely big cock of yours., and the rest of you guys, get wanking, one of you will be next.

She drops down to her knees and opens her mouth wide, slowly feeding in Ivor’s massive girth, trying to get to grips with his size, she seems to be fighting a losing battle as she is struggling at a little over halfway, but to her credit she doesn’t give up easily. She removes him from her mouth and spits onto his cock several times, trying to work up lubrication.

Ivor looks like he’s died and gone o heaven, eyes shut tight and gasping heavily, his hands limp around the back of Joy’s head. She means business this time, and the lubrication works, she is sucking in a good six inches now and her head is moving back and forth in a near blur along his column. I can see his puny legs are shaking now, he won’t last long, especially as Joy is groping his hairy balls to accompany her superb blow job.

“I’m gonna cum, Joy. I’m gonna cum right now, ooohhh yes, yes.”

She quickly ejects his cock and wanks him furiously, within seconds he ejaculates wildly, shot after shot of thick white come covers Joy’s hair and face, dripping down over her cute chin. She wipes as much away as possible, but she shouldn’t have bothered, the other three men push Ivor aside and stand in front of Joy, all jerking off manically.

Jack tells her to open her mouth wide.

“Oh yes boys, come all over me, I want your spunk all over me.”

Jack is the first to blow, firing a fairly weak load into Joy’s waiting mouth, which she swallows down easily. Joe takes a minute longer but covers her pretty tits in his thick goo. All eyes now on Marcus who is making hard work of this, face blushed deep red and breathing heavily.

“Come on, Marcus. I want your lovely jizz all over my face, do it for me, I’m such a dirty bitch.”

The words spur him on, breathing deeply Marcus finally delivers, spilling a huge load all over Joy’s features which she scoops off with her fingers before dipping them into her mouth.

“Mmmm I love come so much.”

Watching avidly I’m aware that my own cock is rock hard watching this unfold. I fish out my throbbing dick and grip it tight, roughly bashing my sensitive glans hard. I’m there within a minute, shooting a huge arc of my seed all over the television screen. I shouldn’t be, but I’m so turned on.

I temporarily stop the tape whilst I find a paper towel to wipe the screen clean. My mind is racing and all sorts of thoughts are jumbled up in my head. Where does this leave our relationship? I really don’t know, better watch the rest of the tape and then decide.

I press play, knowing that it wouldn’t have ended here, there’s going to be more. The screen flickers back to life and it’s my girlfriend in the thick of it all once again, taking it in turns to suck the four cocks in front of her as if she doesn’t want to waste a single drop of cum.

“Well that was fun, hope you’ve got something left in the tank boys. I need some cock inside me, and I need it now.”

Marcus sweeps her up in his arms and carries her out of the picture and is followed by all of the others leaving me watching a blank screen, it stays this way for an agonizing minute. Shit, I’m not going to see the action, it’s out of the camera’s range. I forward on frantically and discover this has all been cleverly edited. I’d forgotten about the other camera directly over the pool table. The screen splutters back to life and I see that Joy has been placed on top of the table. Her legs spread wide apart, fingers pulling her fat labia wide apart, her pussy glistening with her juice.

“Somebody lick this pussy, I’m gagging for it.”

The group argue amongst themselves, unable to decide who goes where. Joy is growing impatient.

“Tell you what, I’ll decide for you. Ivor, get over here, it’s time to taste your first woman.”

Ivor is gaining confidence, jumping onto the baize and pushing his face into Joy’s soaking mound.

“Do you know what to do?” Joy inquires.

“I’m not a complete prick, I’ve seen loads of porno’s.”

Despite his claims he doesn’t seem sure of what he is doing, lapping at Joy’s pussy like a deranged spaniel.

“No, no, you’re not doing it right, lick me right here.”

Joy guides his head onto her erect clit, and he finally gets it right, flicking her bud up and down roughly.

“Oh that’s good, now get your fingers up me, I need filling up.”

He seems to be catching on, pushing two fingers deep inside her, whilst lashing her clit hard.

“Ohhh god, that’s just right, don’t stop.”

Her words encourage Ivor, he cranks up the tempo and pushes his fingers up to the knuckle.

“Fuck yeah, that’s good. I’m so close, you’re gonna make a woman come for the first time.”

Joy always comes quickly, she has an incredibly sensitive clitoris, but this is under three minutes, the youngster must have an intuitive touch.

“Push your fingers in hard, really hard and then pull them out really fast when I tell you.”

He does as he’s told, finger fucking her deep. Her sobs of desire make the speakers on the television muffled, they are so loud.

“Now, fuck, now. Pull your fingers out now.”

Her orgasm is monumental, accompanied by a huge squirt which arrows upwards into the air, and then rains down onto the pool table. I dejectedly recall that I’ve never made her come so hard.

Joy takes a minute or so to come back to earth, grabbing hold of Ivor’s semi erect cock, cajoling him to full hardness.

She gets Ivor to lie down on the table, colossal dick standing proud and erect now, I marvel at the girth of his manhood, he’s going to struggle penetrating Joy’s tight hole, that’s for sure.

Slowly Joy mounts Ivor’s scrawny body, lowering herself onto his giant pole, as I suspected, Joy is having to work very hard to take him all in, he is just over halfway now. His face is a vision, pure elation as he finally gets to penetrate a woman.

“Keep still Ivor, let me do the work, I want all of your lovely cock inside me. She slowly but surely starts riding him, gyrating her hips, trying to get more of him into her tight snatch, it seems to be working and he is nearly all the way inside her, I can’t help but notice the creamy trail of her juices covering his length, assisting his smooth entry.

“Oh fuck, you’re dick is so good, do you like me fucking you, Ivor?”

“You’re the best, Joy.”

She moves forward up Ivor’s body, allowing her heavy breasts to swing into his face, he gingerly sticks out his tongue, catching her nipple as it sways into him.

“Come on boys, get involved, get yourselves over here.”

The other three were out of the picture currently, but they soon sauntered into view, carrying fresh pints of ale.

“Start getting those lovely cock’s hard again. I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Joe and Pete stand to the side of the table, trying to bring life back to their flaccid members. Jack on the other hand stands behind Joy, admiring her curvaceous bum, he spits on his middle finger and pushes the tip into Joy’s puckered asshole.

“Oh that’s so dirty, Jack, but don’t stop. I love my bum being fingered.”

She is now riding Ivor’s entire length hard, he’s not going to forget the night he lost his cherry in a hurry. The sound of his balls slapping against her sopping sex are a real turn on.

Jack decides he’s bored of his participation and tries a new twist, replacing the finger with his eager tongue, pushing ever deeper inside her anus.

“Jesus, you’re a dirty bastard, Jack, I love it, love the feeling of your tongue inside my ass.”

Ivor has done well to last so long. But the suction of Joy’s walls is too much for him, his face wrinkles up and his teeth are gritted.

“Oh yes, yes, I’m coming, I’m coming, fucking hell, yeah.”

I can tell by the expression worn on his face that he is spilling his load inside her. Joy leans down to kiss him sweetly on the lips. Jack is still lapping away at her, making her rear entrance slick with his saliva.

“That’s enough now, Jack. I want your cock up there instead.”

Jack relents allowing Joy to free herself from the constraint of Ivor’s penis. As she slips off a huge wad of his semen trails out of her and oozes onto the faded baize of the table. He says he must get home now but thanks Joy, kissing her cheek before leaving the picture.

“Just you three to satisfy now then. Jack, like I said, I want you to be the man to fuck my bum. Joe and Marcus, you can argue amongst yourselves for my pussy.”

All three men are now erect again, but I have to laugh at Marcus and his excuse of a penis – it’s more like a button mushroom. Joe seems to have won the battle, lying down in the place vacated by Ivor, desperately trying to avoid the wet patch. After the penis she has just taken, Joe is no problem for Joy, he slides in easily between her puffy lips. Marcus is now also on the table, standing to the side of Joy so she can suck him off, she takes his length easily, swallowing it whole.

Jack has used his spit to lubricate his thick cock and is now ready. He gets into position behind her and moves himself close in to her. Joy’s anus is still moist from his earlier action and the head of his penis is now pushed right against her ring, trying to force it’s way in. After a little coaxing he penetrates her, but it doesn’t look easy. I know from our rare forays into anal that she has a really tight passage. Jack withdraws so that he can lubricate her further with more saliva. Once satisfied he tries again, this time he is more successful and is soon fucking her ass tentatively. Joy grunts loudly even with a mouthful of cock.

Joe and Jack are now filling her nicely, thrusting in time, whilst Marcus tries his best in Joy’s mouth. I can’t quite believe this is my quiet, fairly shy girlfriend taking three cocks like a porno actress.

“You’re a dirty bitch, Joy, what are you?” Jack inquires.

She removes Marcus from her mouth for only a second to yell back “A dirty bitch, Jack.”

The words egg Jack on and he punishes her with harder thrusts, slapping her peachy cheeks as he fucks her. It’s all too much for him all of a sudden, pulling himself out and splashing his discharge all over Joy’s fleshy cheeks before gently rubbing it into her skin with his cock.

“Swap over boys, I want Marcus to fuck my ass now.”

Jack and Marcus swap ends whilst Joe carried on regardless, solidly pushing into her lush mound. Marcus soon has his modest length buried deep inside Joy’s tunnel, despite having a smaller dick than Jack, she seems to be enjoying him fucking her better. He seems to have a better technique I must admit, going in slow and leaving his length buried deep instead of Jack’s rapid fire strokes.

Joy ignores Jack’s wilting penis, I think she realizes he’s done for the night, instead she concentrates on the two men filling her holes, both must be doing things right as her screams of delight are getting louder and louder.

“Do me right boys, fuck me. Treat me like the dirty slut I am.”

I can see the sheen of sweat on Joy’s skin, she’s really working hard here, riding the duo, whilst her left hand rubs hard at her little clit.

“Keep on boys, don’t stop, you’re fucking me so good. You’re gonna make dirty little Joy come.”

Her face contorts as orgasm rips through her hard, head tossed back, mouth wide open, a low long groan of sheer ecstasy seems to shake the foundations of the pub. To her credit she continues fucking the two cocks, not content until she has milked them dry.

Joe is first to climax, shooting his seed deep inside Joy’s sweet pussy, he looks exhausted. Marcus is still going with his slow, but seemingly satisfying style.

“Come in my ass, I know you want to, fill my bum with come.”

One last thrust and he’s there, dispatching his salty load, but leaving his cock inside her, as if savoring the moment. Joy is spent, collapsing on top of Joe, hair plastered to her face. Marcus completes the group huddle, pushing himself down on top of Joy’s prone body. After a few moments of silent contemplation both men disengage from her. The trail of semen from both holes is clearly visible, that pool table will never be the same.

I think that’s the end but I’m surprised not for the first time today. Joy doesn’t let any of them go until she has sucked them dry of the last remnants of their juices. Jack kisses her gently, telling her she is a really dirty girl.

Before the picture fades away I see Joy telling them that The Elms better be bloody grateful for what she’s done. They all laugh in unison and the show is over.

I have most of the day to mull things over before I hear Joy’s key in the lock at around 4pm. She seems to be a little brighter than she was yesterday, making small talk and generally being breezy. That all changes when I reach under the chair and hold up the video tape, her face falls and tears fill her eyes. I demand an explanation.

“I had a couple of drinks, things got out of hand. I only wanted to help The Elms. I didn’t even get the money, when I went to work the next day Jack said I could have the cash, but I’d regret it. He explained that I’d been caught on the cameras, and he had made a little tape. He said he would show it to you if I made him pay me.

Incandescent with rage I grab the tape and storm angrily out of the house, knowing exactly what I’m going to do. Okay, so my girlfriend is a slut, but what Jack did is despicable. I stride purposefully into the small grocery store and approached the middle aged lady serving there.

“Hello Jake, what can I get you?”

“Oh nothing thanks Marion, in fact I’ve something for you.”

I retrieve the video tape from my coat pocket and slam it down on the counter with a thud, which makes Marion jump.

“Have a look at this when you get home. Your precious husband Jack seems to fancy himself as the next Spielberg.”


The trip down memory lane has not been pleasant, I decide that it’s time to leave, I don’t feel welcome here, this place holds too many bad memories. I bid Joy goodbye, knowing I’ll never see her again. I walk out of the pub, I know all eyes are on me. As I walk down the lane I pass an old hunched up man coming the opposite way. He looks positively broken up. The look of disdain on his face is transparent.

“Alright Jack, made any good movies lately? Or have you been too busy with your charitable donations?”

I smirk and walk away, leaving him rooted to the spot. I think to myself that London is over a hundred miles away, but I would walk every mile to get away from this place.

Author: Sleepy Head Simon