Take a Bite

A warm summer’s breeze blows through the house as we lay sleeping. The curtains gently stir. I can smell his cologne in the air and it slowly wakes me. The love I feel for him takes my breath away. I love to watch him sleep. All the worry and cares eased from him. My hand gently reaches out to touch his face. My heart quickens at the feelings he stirs in me. I want to make love to him but I am not sure If I should wake him or not. I can’t stop myself from moving closer to his lips and light as a feather my lips touch his and he moans as his hands pull me closer to him, crushing me as close as I can be.

He whispers “Tessa” before he rolls me over taking me with him.

Our naked bodies so close, nothing between us. He looks down at me and he sees in my eyes all the love returned back at him a thousand times and more. My heart swells with the feelings he has for me. His mind shuts down and he is moving on pure love. His mouth descends on mine hard and sure. Our tongues meet in a dance as old as the stars. His hands moving down my body, slowly tracing my form, moving down my neck, down to my breasts as his fingers tease a nipple to hardness, his eyes never leaving mine. He loves to watch how my body responds to his touch and how my back arches off the bed as he teases my nipple. I can see his eyes darken as the lust begins to overtake him and his mouth moves to take my nipple in his hot wet and waiting mouth.

“Ohhh” I moan as he sucks on it, tasting it, teasing it, as his other hand teases the other side.

“Yes Love, oh god that feels so good.”

His hand starts sliding down my tummy, teasing me as he descends to the very core of my woman hood. His hand starts to shake as he get closer and closer. So slowly he traces the outside of my pussy before sliding a finger inside me.

“Aahhh” I softly moan.

I take his cock in my hands with firm sure strokes teasing him. My hands glide on his shaft. Nice and firm my hand strokes him. I look up and see him watching me. I open my mouth letting my tongue replace my hand. My tongue gliding all the way down and back up tracing the veins, licking around the rim, before I open wide and slide his cock down my throat.

“Oh God Tessa” His hand reaches guiding my hips so my pussy will be pleased as well. It’s so hard to concentrate on his huge steel hard member in my mouth while his face is buried inside my pussy.

I pull my mouth from his cock and said “Baby, it’s your birthday.”

He stops long enough and growls back “Baby it’s also yours, stop trying to forget.”

I laugh at this. Of course I know we share the same birthday but like any woman I stop counting after 21. My clit is being sucked into a hard nub. The sucking noise he is making drives me insane. I push my pelvis down damn near suffocating him. He grabs my hips tight. My eyes close as my juices explode from my cunt. I can hear him swallowing. I grab his cock shoving it in my mouth and suck. My hands holding is balls they are heavy and full. He licks my clit and as I moan it’s so sensitive.

“Baby, deep throat me.” he whispers.

My mouth opens wide and I take him pushing past the gag reflex

“Oh god baby” he moans as his hot thick sticky load creams inside my mouth. Drop by drop I swallow, licking him clean.

He rolls me onto my back with a smile as he pushes his hard cock into me and he is lost in heaven. It glides in smooth and sure. My breath catches. I tighten my muscles around him, holding him within my walls. He pushes to the depths of me. No man has ever loved me like he does. He pulls out and push back harder and my breast bounce from the force of his passion, his speed builds and our bodies are rocking together in perfect timing.

He rolled around and put me on top of him, “Ride me”

He holds me around the waist and pulled me down roughly all the way onto him. I felt his big cock plunge deep inside me, and then he was pumping crazily, heaving his strong thighs upward, impaling his massive cock deep into to my pussy on every stroke. I began wrenching my hips in tiny spasms, tightening my grip, I am humping wildly and he is staring at me, my hair swaying sensually back and forth across his chest. I squeezed down with my muscles, and pulled upward, whimpering. He slams against me furiously as I jerked my hips faster and faster as we both share sheer bliss.

I rest on his chest. He’s holding me tight, breathing heavily. I ease off him smiling I say “Happy birthday, Nick.”

“Happy birthday, Baby” He greets back. We kissed as I stand.

He reaches saying “Baby we are not done.”

I laugh and say “Oh yes baby we are done remember we have reservations.” He glares at me as I run from the bedroom.

We leave the house I’m dressed in short black cocktail dress, black stilettos, and my hair just the way Nick likes it down and sexy ready for his hands to play with. Nick dressed every bit the sexy lawyer. Perfect pressed black suit, Italian shoes and smelling like a dream. We have a reservation at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, all I know is that we have this romantic dinner like we used to and blow out candles on a cake together.

We have had a wonderful birthday dinner. The food was fabulous, five course dinner, a very fine wine and some shrimp cocktails. The dinner is over, I am expecting to go home but Nick tells me we have a suite for the night up stairs.

“Baby we don’t have overnight bag packed.”

“Love it’s all been arranged don’t worry and besides don’t you want to blow out the candles on our cake?”

He takes my hand as we proceed to the elevator. He knows there are cameras but he doesn’t care. My back against the wall he leans close to my neck inhaling my scent.

“Baby you smell wonderful” he says, his hand on my leg snaking its way higher up my dress giving him easy access to my neatly trimmed pussy.

He touches the outside of my panties. They are moist. “Oh baby you are a bad girl!”

“Nick, I am always wet when I’m with you”, my voice husky with desire. I spread my legs open wanting to be touched. He watches, my eyes change from almond brown to dark chocolate a sure sign that my lust is as strong as his.

“Nick, fuck me with your fingers!” I command.

“More than happy to” he smiles. Two fingers push into my folds. The heat makes him in take a quick breath.

“Yes, Baby” I hiss as I ride his fingers.

“Harder Nick, pound me, fuck me” he doesn’t hesitate, two more finger squeeze in to my lubricated cunt. He’s watching my face as my eyes close, moaning as his thumb rubs my clit. He knows, I am close.

“Don’t stop!”

Harder and harder he pumps, then my walls contract around his fingers as tight as vice as I begin to scream. He grabs his tie shoving it my mouth muting the ear piercing scream I can’t ever hold back as I climax, his fingers slide from my pussy coated with come.

“Baby, lick me clean!” My mouth opens I taste myself, salty with a sweet tartness.

“I want your cock buried in my mouth.”

“Baby our floor is next” he says. I pull my dress down trying to look the proper wife.

He slides the key card into the door pushing it open. I start to walk in. The room is magnificent, huge king sized bed, red rose petals scattered on the bed, candles flicker on the tables , customized stripper pole and there is a huge cake in the middle of the floor I glance at him.

“Nick what’s this?

He winks as he teasingly says “I know your secret fantasy is to be fucked by a woman and I want to enjoy you as you are enjoying her.” He dims the lights, saxophone music plays in the background as he guides me to sit on the edge of the bed.

The cake opens up revealing a stunningly beautiful blond woman. Her smile brightens the room, her long dark hair loose and flowing. Long gloves caress her fingers to her elbows. She undresses in a slow, sinuous strip, with all the nonchalant poise of a professional stripper, her body sways to the music, my mouth wide open. Her back to the pole she slides down letting her legs open showing her pussy. She moves up the pole caressing it, her gloved hands stroking it with each turn, her eyes fixed to mine. She jumps and spread her legs as she twist around the pole.

“Tessa are you enjoying this?”

“Yes” the only word spoken. My heart is pounding widely in my chest, her voice soft yet hauntingly mysterious.

“Tell me what do you want off next remember this is your night.”

“Yes, your tits show them to me.” She’s standing facing us, as she reaches behind to unclasp the bra holding it against her breast, her eyes dark transfixed on me as she let one breast come into view her nipple dark and hard teasing slow, my mouth lost in the desire. She slowly removes the gloves letting it fall to the floor. She turns watching us as the other is taken off. She bends to the floor her ass pushed high as she drops the second glove.

I hear Nick “Mmm” he breaths.

“Do you like this Tessa? Do you want to see more?” she asks with a wicked smile.

Now the bra drops to the floor her breast gently sways. I glanced at Nick, his cock must be killing him, and it strains his pants.

My hand moves on top of his pants, rubbing him, his voice, hard as he says “Pinch your nipple.”

Her hand reaches up and she pulls the left nipple hard. “I need to see your pussy” he says.

Achingly slow she runs a hand up and letting her hand caress her pussy through the white panties. Her back against the pole as she slither low, her thighs open as a large vibe is thrust by her hand deep inside.

She works the vibe against her clit panting. “Shove it in hard,ride that cock harder!”He says.

I unzip his jeans and pull his engorged cock that makes Elexia fuck herself harder with the vibe wanting his cock to be there instead. I stroke him, long and firm from the base to the tip.

He hears her voice “Oh yes, baby fuck my pussy! Yes I am your wet dream.” I pull it hard and he moans as he shoots his load.

“Tessa come to me my flower.” I don’t hesitate.

I am drawn to her. Her breast exposed. They are lush. Full breast her nipples tight hard nubs. Her flesh is tan, her legs long yet achingly soft. The kind you want to just caress.

“My name is Elexia” she tells me.

I quiver. Her sharp blue eyes never waver. “Your wonderful husband has given you a very nice gift, Tessa I will undress you myself.” She moves as if in slow motion. My whole body is shaking and she hasn’t even touched me yet

Elexia walks around me. Touching my ass very nice “Yes my flower” she stops in front of me and grabs my right breast “Oh Tessa you are blessed with luscious tits.”

I feel my pussy contract. She leans in close I feel her breath on my neck “Your scent makes me want to bury myself in your pussy.”

I’m shaking now. Nick is on my back, watching intently. He suddenly holds my hand and guides me to touch Elexia’s body. I cup her tits in my hands, bunching them together, rubbing her pink colored nipples. My hands moved downward to her waist, her hips, teasing, stroking, and farther down to her ass.

“My flower I will be gentle with you.” She says in the sexiest voice, her hand touches my neck tracing a hot path to my breast. “Oh yes perfect tits” her mouth sucks the right nipple while she fondles the left.

I lean my body on Nick’s, my head thrown back on his shoulders, enjoying the attention from this woman. Tantalizingly slow she unzips my dress she pushes it down my hips. I step out of it still in my black heels. Elexia bends to her knees face inches from my pussy. She pulls me into her and nuzzles me through the silk fabric.

“Oh my god” I whisper.

“Tessa I am going to give Nick the pleasure of pulling your panties off and then Nick places them in Tessa’s mouth. I understand she is a screamer.”

Nick pulls the panties down the dark brown hair trimmed and sexy revealed now. “Baby, open your mouth.”

I feel intoxicated by lust, desire, and need. The panties go in and Elexia walks back to the bed and covers me with her body. I feel like I am the sexiest woman in the world. It’s empowering. Elexia says “Tessa, I am going to eat your pussy. Have you ever had a woman do that to you my flower?” I shake my head. “You have fantasized about though haven’t you my little flower?”

This time I nod “Yes”.

She shimmies down my naked body. “Put your feet flat on the bed and Nick I want you to push her thighs open holding her down.”

Nick kneels on the bed pushing my legs open. Open wide and completely in someone else hands. I am jolted back to my senses as I feel a vibe teasing my clit. Its power sending bolts of fire through my brain. Elexia rams the vibe in hard showing no mercy each time she takes it out she puts it in her mouth, sucking my juice clean off it. There are mirrors over the bed I realize as my eyes open. She is done teasing me now she buries her face inside my pussy sucking my pussy lips, sucking on my clit. I am thrashing side to side on the bed. Nick holds me down as she fucks me with her mouth.

She is fingering herself while she sucks me. “Flower “she says her voice penetrating my lust filled mind. You will eat me as I continue feasting on your wonderful tasting pussy. She twists putting her dripping pussy right over my mouth a deep hunger over takes me I grab her hips slamming her pussy down hard as my mouth finds her swollen clit she grinds her cunt soaking my face with her fluids. My pussy is being assaulted to the extreme.

“Oh, Nick, fuck me! Fuck me! I need you baby.”

He grabs me, his mouth crushed against mine thrusting his tongue deep, his hands traveling down my naked body. From behind Nick positions himself . He probes his swollen cock-tip, teasing my pussy for a minute rubbing my clit before he lurched forward with a loud gasp. Elexia kneels on the bed. She takes his hand guiding it to her sopping wet pussy. Nick inserts three fingers deep in her hole as he lunge inside me and my entire body shook with ecstasy as the head of his cock hit the very bottom of my pussy. Elexia comes closer her tits inches from his mouth, temptation drives him and latch on to her pear pink nipple. He quickens the rhythm of his thrusts, grinding deep and hard, he is giving me every inch of cock he has. A hot thrill pierces me as I tighten my muscles on him savagely. He slowly pulls until just the knob of his cock is inside me, then he rams it back in and starts moving back and forth, relentlessly driving deep up into my hungry, tight, wet pussy. Simultaneously playing, caressing my breast as they bounce with is movements. His thrust grows constantly more agitated, more insistent.

My hips writhe in circular motion in respond. “Oh fuck yes!! Baby yes!!”

He pulls my hips, my pussy a vice around that massive tool. Pumping and pounding me. His body glistens with sweat. I smell his desire. All of us lost on our own need to come, his body stiffens just like the engorged cock deep inside me. I feel hot love juices flowing from him as they over flow from my pussy. Elexia moans as his hand driving her over the edge. My pussy contracts milking his cock, orgasms flood through our veins as we all moan in unison. The sounds of passion fill the room.

We collapse on the bed tangled together, spent and totally satisfied. Nick snuggles up with me, breathing heavily and asks “Baby, how did you like your bite on the cake?”

I smile and say “Baby, it’s the best cake ever.”

Author: Contessa www.hotcontessa.webs.com