Cock Lover

There is nothing as exciting as a man touching me, except maybe touching a man’s cock. I like to be in crowded places surrounded by strangers and have hands brush up against my nipples or my ass and perhaps linger a little longer than what would be accidental. When this happens, I linger, too. I savor the fingers probing me or rubbing me or investigating my parts. I feel that’s what they’re there for, to be touched. They really only serve their purpose when they are enjoyed by a man. And so I put them out there—my breasts always bare beneath a loose top, my skirt ending a scant inch below my pussy, my pussy itself shaved and smooth and bare and soft to the touch, any touch. As many touches as possible. For as long as I can remember, men have wanted to touch me; I think I would die if they ever stopped.

Even stronger than my love of being touched is my love of touching a man’s cock. Any man. In a crowd my hands are moving, too, at crotch level, hoping to brush against the shape of a cock beneath pants. Hoping so hard that I will feel an answering movement beneath the pants that will tell me it’s okay to touch, okay to squeeze a little, okay to appreciate that special part that hangs between his legs and is there to make me feel whole. I love all cocks unconditionally.

There’s a club in town I like to go to with my friends, the White Rabbit. It has live bands and the shows are for all ages, which means I’m allowed in but I’m not allowed to drink, of course. I’m eighteen now and I think I should be able to dress the way I want, but I still have to watch the way I dress when leaving the house or I get into trouble, and that could be no use of the car, which I need, or no internet or no a lot of things I find necessities. And so I wear shorts when I leave the house, and a bra under my top, and they both get shoved into my handbag along with my wallet and keys. When I walk into the club I’m as naked as it’s possible to be in public without getting arrested.

When good bands play there, and they often do, the place gets very crowded. I push myself through the crowd in front of the stage so that I’m able to see the band. I’m not very tall and guys let me through. I also have long blonde hair and a baby face and very nice tits, which they appreciate, especially when I use them to shove my way between them. Some of them—the ones who have already had a few drinks—will “accidentally” touch my tits as I go by, just give them a quick feel. Just this is enough to make my pussy wet.

Sometimes I will pause at a touch and lean my tit into his hand. Men aren’t shy. Men know what to do. If he slides his hand into the side of my low-cut tank top so that he can pinch my nipples, my hand will go between his legs and feel his cock. And then I’m usually lost. Any band could play and I wouldn’t know the difference. Once I have touched cock, I am ablaze. Sometimes I will stand in front of him and lean over a little and he’ll shove his cock inside of my ass. Hardly anyone even notices. We could be dancing; we could be just moving energetically to the music, as so many are doing. No one will notice my trembling or hear my cries of pleasure or see my skin flush each time I come. He will hold onto my tits tightly when he comes in my ass and I’m able to feel the shudder move the length of his body.

What is my very favorite thing, and it happens quite often, is when other men notice and move over to touch me also. They will make a protective circle around me so that others can’t see, and then it could be that one will fuck me in the ass while another is finger-fucking me while a third is letting me suck his cock. My friends are elsewhere in the club; they know to leave me alone. They know that I need cock as much as I need air to breath or food to eat or water to hydrate myself. They know when I’m in my natural element and they give me space.

Once I have a circle, it could go on for hours. They’ll take turns with me, sometimes letting their friends in on it, sometimes jealously guarding me from others. I never tire of it. Often we will go into a back room and they’ll fuck me against the wall. A few times we have left the club and they’ve rented a motel room. I like it when we do that. I just spread myself out on the bed and let them do whatever they want with me. I don’t say no to anything. I particularly love being fucked by one of the men while the others watch. I love being watched.

So far no one’s ever hurt me, though, or abused me in any way. Usually they want my phone number and wish to see me again. Often the men will take photos of me with their cell phones and I let them position me any way they like. I think their favorite is when I spread apart my pussy so that they can see inside. I wonder if they ever look at the pictures; I hope so. I collect pictures of cocks and they always give me one to take with me.

Finally, when it gets very late, they drive me back to the club to see if my friends are waiting. If they’re not, they always give me a ride home. I go up to my room and take out my collection of cock pictures and add the new ones to them. I keep them well hidden because if my mother ever found them she’d call me a slut and probably throw me out on the street. I don’t know how my dad would react. He’s a man so he has a cock, although I try very hard not to think about it. I have a feeling that he might understand. I think he might say I have the right kind of attitude. And if he didn’t, I think I could change his opinion.

At least I’d like to try.

Author: Moon Child