Teacher’s Pets

My name is Kate and my  girlfriend is Kelly.  I guess you could say we’re the “wild” girls of  our high school.  We met during sophomore orientation and we’ve been  inseparable ever since.  We’re seniors now and we like to fool around  with each other.  I prefer the skin on skin action while Kelly is a  slave to the toys.  It’s a good relationship but sometimes we want to  add a boy into the mix. Enter Mr. Andrews.  He’s our Physics teacher.   He’s the youngest teacher we have and all the girls love him.  I  personally don’t love him but I would like to see him naked

Anyway, Kelly and I were  kissing after school one day in the parking lot.  She has big wet lips  that taste like cherries and Iove to bite them.  So, we’re kissing in my  car and suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I catch Mr. Andrews  staring wide eyed with his mouth open. He looked hilarious so I started  to laugh.

“Hey,”  Kelly said, “what gives?”

“Check it out, we have an audience.

Kelly turned and watched as Mr. Andrews quickly walked to his car and clumsily tried to get his key in the driver’s side door.

“Oh shit!  Andrews saw us?”  Kelly asked.

“Who cares?  Watch this.”  I said as I climbed out of my car.

“Mr. Andrews, hold on a  minute!”  I called as I walked over to him.  He had his back to me and I  could see the edge of sweat marks under both his arms.

“Are you busy? Can I talk to you a minute?”  I asked.  I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun nonetheless.

“Kate, I…..I’m going…..well, I’ve got to…..”

“….Come with us and have  some fun?  We can’t go to Kate’s house because her brother gets home  earlier than her and we can’t go to my house because my parents are  there.  So it looks like our destination is your place.”

He didn’t speak, he just stared at me.

“Should we follow you or should we all drive together?”

He was so shocked that I figured he didn’t get the joke.  I laughed and started to walk away when I felt a hand on my arm.

“You two can follow me…..if you’d like.”

Just like that?  Now I was  the one in shock.  Mr. Andrews let go of my arm and got into his car.   He looked up at me from the driver’s seat and I looked down at him.   His cock was so hard that it was straining against the fabric of his  nerdy Khakis.

“Ok,”  I whispered, “we’ll follow you.”

Back in my car, Kelly was screeching “What the fuck are you doing?  Are you crazy?  Why are you following him?”

“We’re going to his house  Kelly, calm down.  Don’t you want to play with Mr. Andrew? You never can  tell with the shy ones.  Think of this as an adventure.”

“What the fuck?”  She murmured as she lit a cigarette.

His car was parked in the driveway and the front door was open when we pulled up.

“Come on Kelly.”  I said, pulling her arm.  “We’re gonna fuck our Physics teacher!  This is great!”

As we entered the house we  saw Mr. Andrews sitting on the couch.  We walked over and sat on either  side of him.  I leaned over and kissed him.  His mouth opened and I  felt his tongue.  He kissed me deeper and I heard Kelly whimper.  I  opened my eyes and saw Mr. Andrews with his hand up her skirt.  He had  obviously made contact with her pussy because I saw her legs spread  wider and she lifted her hips up a little.  After playing with Kelly and  kissing me for awhile, he suddenly stood up and said, “take off your  clothes, I want you two naked for me.”

Glad to oblige, we  stripped each other for him.  Kelly’s panties were sopping wet and I  sucked on them a little – I love the way she tastes.  Mr. Andrews  undressed and Kelly’s and my eyes widened at the sight of his long,  thick cock standing at attention.

He walked over to me and  then instructed Kelly to stand up and lean over the back of the couch.  She did, and then he told me to kneel on the floor and lick her pussy  from behind.  Yum!  I was glad to do the job.  I buried my face in her  cunt and licked at her sweet juices.  Then Mr. Andrews moved around to  the front of the couch and slid over in front of Kelly.  He told her to  suck him. Kelly hungrily licked and sucked his cock.  The spit ran down  her face onto her tits and Mr. Andrews rubbed it around her hard  nipples.  I could tell he liked her work.  She sucked him off as he  watched me lick her pussy.

Kelly came in my mouth and  all over my face.  Her pussy was soaking wet and I licked her clean.  Mr. Andrews pulled out of Kelly’s mouth.  He told her to lay on the  couch and then he had me straddle her with my pussy over her face.  He  moved behind me and I felt him spread my ass open.

“Be a good girl Kelly, and eat Kate while I fuck her sweet ass.”

I tried to relax my ass  for him but I was nervous.  As Kelly licked me he took some of my pussy  juice and gently rubbed it in and out of my ass with his finger.  It  felt good and I pressed my ass higher and opened myself to them both.   Kelly knows what I like so she bit and tugged at my pussy lips with her  teeth and pressed her tongue into me as deeply as she could. Mr.  Andrews began to press his cock into my asshole and I did my best to  relax and open for him.  He was so big and I wasn’t all that use to  getting fucked back there.  However, he made his way into me, taking  slow strokes and filling my ass with his cock.  I could feel myself  stretching to accommodate him, begging him to fuck me harder. I was so  hot with Kelly below me sucking my cunt while Mr. Andrews fucked my ass  raw.  He reached under me and grabbed my tits.  He squeezed them HARD  and I bucked back against him impaling myself on his cock.  He held me  like that, suspended on his cock buried deep in my ass while we both  listened to the wet sounds of Kelly eating me.  It was too much.  I came  and I came hard.  I felt my ass constrict around his cock and I could  also feel my juices running down my leg into Kelly’s face and hair.

Mr. Andrews kept his hold  on me and told Kelly to move up on the couch and finger her pussy while  he continued to pump my ass.  It was so hot, Kate played with herself  right before my eyes. Each time I pulled forward to kiss her cunt, Mr.  Andrews would yank me back by my hair and fuck me harder.  My ass felt  wide open and my entire body was covered in sweat.

“Oh yeah, baby girl!  Mr. Andrews grunted.  “I’m gonna shoot in your tight little asshole!”

Kelly’s head was thrown  back and her legs were spread as wide as physically possible.  She banged her cunt good and hard and I watched her squirt all over her hand  as Mr. Andrews shot a warm jet of thick come into my sore ass.

We all rested on the  couch, a tangle of bodies emitting the mingling scents of sweat and sex  in the humid air.  Kate and I kissed for a little bit.  She ran her  fingers around my asshole, playing with the semen that had leaked out of  me, fingering me gently.

“Poor little baby,”  She cooed.

I smacked her ass and we both laughed.

Author: Anna Hendrix