Her name was Stiletto.

What a stupid name. I didn’t care.

Whatever. I got my bonus and I wanted to fulfill a fantasy, and she was…there. Here, at “Sweet Tiffany’s Club for Men.” I had never been to one of these places. I wouldn’t even have known that I could hire a sexy young woman if a friend of mine hadn’t said he’d done it once. He told me about the way the girls rub up against you and make your knees go weak. About their thongs, and their breasts overflowing from tiny tops. About the way they look at you as if you are the only man in the world, then ask again for a little more. He said it was hard to walk out of a place like that with any money left in your pocket, so leave the ATM card in the car, and just bring the cash you are willing to spend.

Her name was Stiletto. She sat down next to me and introduced herself. I was sitting at a table a bit back from the stage. As she made small talk and asked me a few questions about myself, women on stage slowly took off their clothing. They swayed and gyrated to music which I was too old to relate to. Stiletto was in her early twenties. She said she was a college student studying for a Psychology degree. She wore a simple white thong and a matching skimpy top, and her long dark hair went about half way down her back in relaxed waves. I kept stealing glances down at her soft looking hips. She slid closer to me so that her thigh was pressed against mine. God, her hips. Stiletto looked like she really enjoyed the dance part of her job. She was trim and fit, but not a hard body. Her skin was perfect and pale under the dim lights of the place.

“Do you want to spend some time alone with me?”

She was leaning towards me now with her arms close so that her breasts were pressed together and hanging down. Then she put my hand on her thigh. I knew what she was doing. The seduction was so blatant…and so intoxicating.

I think I would like that,” I said.

“What are you looking for?”

My friend told me to be careful here. He said that if I wasn’t specific about what I wanted I would probably walk out disappointed. He also said that if the girl that I first talked to didn’t want to do what I wanted, the next one would, so I should hold out for what I wanted. I told her what I wanted. I was kind of embarrassed telling her, but she was a pro, and she made me feel like she would like it as much as I would.

We settled on a price and she led me down a hallway with red velvet curtains lining the walls on both sides. Mid-way down the hall she stopped to part the curtain, and we stepped into a broom closet sized room. I sat down on the pallet and looked at her ass as she closed the curtain behind us. It was so perfect, so round and yet slender in the hip. Surprisingly I wasn’t hard yet. I was excited and my breathing was shallow, but I was only half erect.

“How do you want me?” She asked.

“Can you just stand there, like you just were? Facing away from me?”


I slid off the pallet and onto my knees. I opened my pants as I kissed her ass. My cock got hard as my lips caressed the soft skin of her perfect little ass. I stroked my cock with one hand and explored the curves of her ass with my other hand and my lips. She began to slowly bend forward, exposing her pussy to me. I could see her breasts hang down through her parted legs, and her pussy lips opened just a little. I reached forward between her legs and caressed her breasts with one hand as I kissed her thigh just below the beautiful curve of her ass. She pressed back just a little so that my face was pressed against that ass. I was so hard now, stroking my cock slowly then quickly.

I was immersed in her ass. She started grinding against my face, and sometimes I would feel her pussy lips against my lips. My face would go around her ass, around her ass, my cheeks, my lips, forehead, and nose all rubbing against that soft skin. Sometimes my nose would be between her ass cheeks, my eye sockets pressed against that smooth cool skin and I was smothered. I would pull back and gasp and go back in. I couldn’t wait as long as I wanted to. I was too hard. It was too intense. I wasn’t in control. I hadn’t wanted to be. I came. I came hard. My whole body came and spasmed.

After a few seconds, Stiletto stood back up and reached around to a shelf. She handed me a tissue. She didn’t exactly rush me out as she made me promise to come back and do it again with her. But she was thinking about her next trick, and I didn’t really care. I got what I’d paid for. I wasn’t disappointed. I dropped her card in the trash bin on the way back to my car.

Author: Jeff Hemsley