Master’s Brother

My name is Claire. My Master’s name is Trevor. Trevor is a wonderful, caring man. His love for me is unconditional – he accepts me “as is” and praises me for being the slave that I am. I revel in his love. We envelope each other. We live and breathe for each other.

My Master and I enjoy a creative and satisfying sex life. He teaches me how to please him and in return he brings me such intense sexual pleasure that I truly believe it impossible to feel anything as powerful as a climax brought on by my Master’s deft hands and strong cock.

Master Trevor has a brother named James.

James returned to the states following a 2 year excursion around the globe. While Master is tall and lanky with sharp green eyes and conservatively clipped brown hair, James is thick and muscular with ink black hair and ice blue eyes. They share a mother in common. James, being 3 years older than Master Trevor, acted as protector and teacher towards his little half-bother thus, forging a bond between the two that would last a lifetime. Their parents lavished them with wealth and love. Both men are highly educated and possessed of a refinement and sophistication that comes only from the influence of privileged circumstance.

The day James returned home his parents threw a “Welcome Home” party at their estate. James’ friends, admirers, lovers and those connected to the family partied throughout the night, taking turns to personally welcome him back into the fold. It was a grand party with the champagne flowing freely.

My Master was all smiles and hugs, happy to see his brother again and excited to spend time with his best friend. They laughed and hugged and excitedly talked over each other as I stood by watching, sipping my 3rd glass of champagne. Master grabbed me by the waist, pulling me close into their brotherly reunion and said “Claire, you haven’t properly welcomed my brother back. What has come over you? This lapse in etiquette is unforgivable.”

James smiled and I felt his gaze move quickly up and down my body.

“Don’t be critical brother.” He said “She’s a good girl.”

“I’m sorry….” I began But Master silenced me with a sharp look.

“I’m so glad to see everyone and I’ve missed you both. But this…..?” James said motioning around the great hall filled with his adoring family and faithful friends, “This is ridiculous!”

James pulled us both closer to him and whispered “Listen you two, I’d like to spend some time with my brother and his gorgeous girl – away from all this craziness. This Saturday possibly?”

Master Trevor squeezed the back of my neck and said through his smile “Of course. Just give a call tomorrow James, and let us know what time is good or you on Saturday.”

I’m not sure why, maybe it was the champagne, but I felt my entire body instantly break out in goose bumps.

Master hugged his brother and then James was whisked away by their mother to take some photos with one of their many cousins. Master and I mingled for another hour and then promptly returned home.

That night my Master fucked me long and hard. I was drunk – my brain full of champagne bubbles. I felt as if I was floating; the only thing keeping me grounded being my Master’s slick cock.

He had me on my hands and knees pushing himself deep into my pussy. I pressed back against him and arched my back. I spread myself wider for him. Grabbing my hips firmly with his long fingers, Master began to pump against my ass cheeks. Slow steady pumps, letting his cock slip completely out, then slowly sliding it all the way back in. He teased me this way for an eternity, my cries were muffled by the ball gag secured into my drooling mouth. My only means of communication being the grunts coming from around the gag.

Suddenly, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and began to pump into me faster and harder. I felt my cunt begin to spasm and I pushed hard against his cock as I squeezed tightly around his shaft. I arched my back as I orgasmed around my Master’s penis, the liquid running from my pussy down my thighs to the sheets. Master’s cock was pulsating deep within my cunt, then with a hard tug of my hair and a deep growl he shot his thick semen inside me, coating my pussy walls, his hips jerking against my ass.


I was excited to prepare dinner on Saturday. On the menu Master requested that we dine on fresh fish with a colorful and vegetable-filled mixed green salad. Basic fare but wonderfully flavorful. James arrived an hour late, which was no problem. To know James is to understand that he has no sense of time so I left the cooking off until he arrived. Master was pleased to be in the presence of his brother and James looked wonderful. He hugged us both and while he regaled Trevor with tales of his travels, I went to the kitchen and prepared our meal.

Dinner went smoothly, and afterwards we adjourned to the living room and sat on our meditation pillows. Master corked a bottle of red wine and filled our glasses.

‘So Claire,” James said. “Trevor’s filled me in on his activities these past two years. What about you?”

I looked to Master for permission to speak. Permission was granted.

“Nothing exciting Sir.” I said quietly.

“I’m still freelancing and I’m taking courses at the university a few days a week. I know that’s not nearly as exciting as the life of a world traveler like yourself.” I said with a smile.

“No it’s not. But we all can’t be as well traveled as I.” James said laughingly. I had forgotten how deep James’ laugh was. It rang throughout the apartment and settled in my ears with a pleasant warmth. I stretched back onto the pillows, making myself comfortable.

“What a wonderful night this is.” I sighed.

“Indeed.” Said James. “And what a wonderful view we have of your lovely girl, Trevor. Tell me, do you still share your “toys” or have you gotten greedy in your old age?”

“Why don’t you ask my “toy?” She seems to be feeling willful and headstrong tonight. Although, you’ll find that She’s very communicative and quite pleasant to play with when she wants to be.”

I felt fearful around these two men and I closed my eyes. I sensed movement around me.

“Tell me, little girl.” James whispered in my ear, his hot breath sending shivers through my body. “Are you ready to be played with?”

Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked deep in to James’ ice blue gaze. I remained quiet. Knowing full well that any response other than silence would gain the wrath of my Master.

I felt Master Trevor’s fingers combing through my hair. My breathing quickened and my nipples tightened underneath my T-shirt. James placed his hand on my stomach and Master pulled my head back to plant soft wet kisses on my open mouth. I moaned softly as my Master continued to kiss me. James slowly peeled my jeans from my body and threw them behind him. Then he hooked his thumbs through my panties and slid them down my body. I felt James’ finger gently open my pussy lips and dip into the wetness that had begun to flow.

“You’re right brother,” he whispered. “She communicates her needs very well.”

With that said, I felt myself being carried to the bedroom in the arms of my Master as his brother followed.

My Master laid me gently on the bed and pulled my shirt off over my head. He took both my hands and secured them to the bedpost with the handcuffs he keeps in the nightstand drawer. I started to quiver because I knew that I was relinquishing control to two men with deviant sexual needs – but I didn’t tell them to stop because my needs were just as perverse.

I felt James spread my legs wide and strap each foot to the spreader bar at the end of the bed. I was open wide and my hip joints instantly began to ache with the strain. They stood over me, Master Trevor to my right and James to my left. As James bent down to kiss me, Master moved to the nightstand and pulled out the silver nipple clips. As James continued to kiss me, I watched Master Trevor remove the rubber guards from the clips exposing their metal teeth. I closed my eyes and continued to accept James’ kisses, his lips warm and his tongue insistent.

“It’s ok baby.” James said as he pulled away from our kiss. “It may have been 2 years since we last played but I distinctly remember how eager you are to please those in control.”

I stayed quiet and watched my Master crawl onto the bed, straddling me. He bent down to my left nipple teasing it with his tongue while James worked on the right nipple. I felt the heat rise in my chest and my breath caught in my throat. I was getting wetter. I could feel the sheets beneath me moisten with my juices. I squirmed and moaned and grinded my hips in futile hope of relieving the ache in my spread cunt.

Suddenly, Master Trevor bit down hard on my nipple and with his right hand delivered stinging slaps on my open pussy. I cried out from the pain and tears ran from my eyes. I stopped moving and attempted to control my breathing and absorb the pain.

“Good girl.” Master murmured as he attached a silver claw to my aching nipple. James removed his mouth from my right breast so Master could attach the other clamp to that nipple.

I breathed through the sharp pain and felt my pussy gush fluid onto the bed. James pulled a silver chain from Trevor’s hands and connected each end to the clamps on my breasts.

James then walked down to the foot of the bed and placed his hand under my wet ass. I turned my head away in shame, embarrassed to be so open and exposed. I felt his fingers probing my slick cunt. He gently rubbed the hood covering my clit and teased the sensitive pearl out into the open air. I shuddered at the touch of his hand.

Master joined his brother at the end of the bed and when I looked down, they both smiled wickedly at me. I watched as Master kneeled down to my pussy and in a flash attached another silver claw to my sensitive clit. It was agony and I cried out in shock while my body shook with the pain. My nipples and clit were on fire and I had no way to ease the pain. I squeezed my eyes shut and the tears ran down my face. Again I sensed movement around me. I shook with uncontrollable fear dreading what was to come next. I felt hands roughly grasp the chain between my breasts and pull then sharply down towards my stomach. I whimpered in pain.

I felt hands spread my pussy lips wide and a short chain was attached to the clamp on my swollen clit. That chain was then pulled taughtly upwards and attached to the chain stretching my breasts. I couldn’t move. Every tearful breath I took enhanced my suffering by pulling the chains and stretching my sensitive parts. I tried to control my breathing again and failed again. The pain was sharp and burning. My clit screamed and my breasts felt stretched beyond humanly possible.

I felt something pressing into the opening of my vagina. I opened my eyes to see my Master’s thick engorged penis slowly slide into my stretched pussy. He held my hips and began to rhythmically fuck me. The only sounds in the room being the metallic click of the chains as they swayed to the motions of my tortured body and the wet sounds of my pussy, spread wide yet grasping at the hot meat of my Master’s cock.

Master squeezed my hips hard and pulled upward – forcing me to arch my back and thus stretch the chains attached to my nipples and clit. It was too much. I grunted like an animal from the searing pain and as my mouth opened to plea respite from the torment, James chose that opportunity to slide his cock deep into my mouth – silencing my cries. His musk was as I remembered – rich and sweet with the tiniest hint of sweat.

“That’s a good girl, Claire.” James cooed to me as he pulled sharply on the clamps biting deeply into my swollen nipples. “Show us what a good little cock sucker you are and maybe we’ll let you come tonight.”

I opened my mouth wider and felt him slide deeper into my throat. His cock was slimy from my saliva mixed with the tears covering my face. I sucked and licked him as best I could from the position they had bound me in. I could hear James moaning above me – obviously enjoying my lips and tongue sucking and tasting and swallowing his thick penis.

Master Trevor continued fucking me with angry, deep thrusts. The pain in my breasts and pussy had become dulled by the loss of circulation but the sharp teeth of the clamps bit into my tender flesh causing me a new type of agony. Suddenly, Master withdrew from my cunt and slowly walked to the side of the bed and watched as his brother fucked my face. He bent down close to me and whispered in my ear: “I want to see you cry harder Claire. This is just the first round baby. We’re getting you nice and primed for the real fun.” He moved away and returned to the end of the bed and my widely spread legs. He leaned down to my oozing pussy and inhaled deeply.

“Mmmm, baby your scent is intoxicating. But I want you wetter and nastier. Hmmmm. Maybe if I whip that pink little pussy nice and hard you’ll show me what you’re capable of?”

I moaned in terror. No, please don’t whip me! I wanted to scream but my mouth was filled with James’ penis and his thrusts were uncontrollable. I tried to move my head away but that was just met with a stinging slap to my tender breasts.

Master pushed two pillows under my ass thus pushing my hips up higher into the air and further stretching my pussy open. The cool air blew across my hot lips, cooling them for a moment. When suddenly I heard a “whoosh” in the air and felt the whip slice into my open cunt. My scream was silenced by a jet of thick semen running down my throat. James had cum and he held my head in a vise grip so I wouldn’t loose a drop of his seed. My senses were in chaos and as I attempted to pull myself together and catch my breath, Master Trevor landed 3 successive blows from the whip onto my chained clit. My eyes saw red and I screamed out. James’ penis slid from my sore mouth and he said: “Shhhh, little girl. Don’t give us a reason to gag you.” He grabbed a fistful of my hair then and pulled my head back as far as he could. He held me this way as Master used the whip on my body. Master whipped my clamped breasts and my belly and my legs, but he paid extra special attention on my spread pussy. When he grew tired, James took his place and Master forced his cock into my mouth and began anew with another blow job.

The whipping was terrible. My cunt drooled all over the bedsheets and each kiss from the whip produced more juice from within me. I choked down Master’s semen and obediently cleaned his penis with my tongue and lips.

After pulling his penis from my mouth, my Master motioned for his brother to stop the whipping. My body was on fire and I cried silently hoping they would untie me or at least let me rest. Master excused himself and James moved around the bed checking to see that my bonds were still secured. Master returned with a small bucket and towels. He placed two of the towels under my ass and then began to gently caress my legs.

“Be a good girl Claire and hold still.”

He placed his hands in the bucket and removed an ice cube. Slowly, he began to slide the ice into my open pussy. It began to melt on contact with my feverishly hot skin. Master commanded that I raise my ass higher for better access to my pussy. I obeyed, my back aching from the pain. He continued to slide cube after cube into me – I lost count at 27. The ice brought a new burn into my being. It was so cold and my pussy felt like it would burst from holding the freezing liquid. The water ran down my ass crack and down my pussy lips onto Master’s hands and the towels.

James pulled a cube from the bucket and began to rub it across my clamped nipples. The sensations assailing my bound body were too much. I felt my body convulse and my cunt tighten around my Master’s fingers. I came loudly, grunting like a wild animal and my freezing cunt gushed all over. My Master and his brother waited for me to control myself. Slowly, I relaxed and lowered myself fully down onto the bed, the chains pulling and stretching me.

Master Trevor leaned close to my ear and asked “Was that good baby?”

“Yes Master, It was good, very good.”

“I’m glad for you angel. But I’m also confused – when did I grant you permission to come?”

My body froze as I watched James hand his brother the whip.

Author: Anna Hendrix