Dirty Girl

“Tell me what you did?” He whispered.

The apartment was eerily quiet. A watery ray of early morning sunshine shone weakly through the bedroom window. He was seated on the edge of the bed. She was in his lap, her back to him, her thigh muscles straining against the fabric of her skirt as it was pulled up towards her hips. Her red blouse lay across the right toe of her unbuckled Mary Jane. Her legs were spread, allowing him complete access to her.

He held her waist with his left hand, using the fingers of his right hand to play with her. Slowly sliding his warm, wet fingers across her clit and up and down her soft thighs.

“I licked her,” she whispered in response.

“I…I…licked her pussy…and played with her a little. She never had a boy…or a girl do that for her…so…”

His hand moved upward and his roaming fingers found their way into her cunt in one long, slow stroke. She wiggled on his fingers, showing him just how much she enjoyed his attention.

She liked him and she enjoyed the games they played. He taught her the benefits of building up a good, pure fuck, nice and slow. Her orgasms were more powerful now, so hard they made her head hurt afterwards. Through his influence and guidance she learned to love the taste of a turned on pussy. With the help of a few friends, he gave her exhaustive training on how to accommodate three cocks at once. She liked him. He let her celebrate in being such a dirty girl.

He relaxed on the bed, waiting for her to continue on with her tale of the previous night’s adventure. He had forbidden her to shower off the smell of sex that permeated her skin. And now with her squirming around in his lap with his fingers buried in her, the scent of her depravity awakened his cock. She was red hot and he loved to work her up.

“You licked out some pussy, baby?” He whispered in her ear.

She began to turn to face him, but he stopped her and positioned her back down on his lap, pressing his fingers deeper into her. She acquiesced and spread her legs wider.

He kissed her neck.

“Tell me what else you did, baby,” he whispered as his left hand moved up to cup a breast. He took the nipple between his fingers and pinched it gently. His tongue ran down her neck and he slowly began to twist and pull her hardening nipple until it made a small peak, which he then ran the palm of his hand over.

She exhibited great self-control when she halted from grinding her hips. She desperately wanted to ride his hand to orgasm, but she knew the rules of the game. He liked to keep her primed with relentless teasing. It was hard to understand at first, his need to control her reactions, but now she looked forward to his sense of timing and his need for control. It made him sexier in her eyes.

“What did you do?” He whispered.

“I…I kissed her on the mouth…and…she kissed me back.” She let out a soft cry when his thumb found its way to her clit.

“She was nervous…but…a real nice kisser…soft, wet lips. And her body was a dream…”

She tried to continue, to tell him more, but her voice caught in her throat when he began to masturbate her. His hands were warm and his rhythm was hypnotic. She turned her head to kiss him.

“Yeah? Tell me more, baby.” He whispered into her mouth as he kissed and bit her lips.

“I fucked her with my hand…and I fucked her with m-my tongue…”

Without warning, he moved, quickly pulling himself upwards while positioning her body onto the bed. He pulled her skirt off, leaving her completely naked, and positioned her on the bed with her knees raised high and legs spread wide.

“You licked her baby?” Like this?” He asked as he lowered his head to her cunt. He drank from her slowly and teasingly. He sucked her clit onto his mouth and bathed it with his tongue. She couldn’t get enough of his mouth, the whiskers on his face teasing her as they scratched her sensitive skin.

She rested a hand on the back of his neck while her other gripped his shoulder. She had lost the power of speech, uttering only sighs and moans. She felt the muscles of her pussy clench as her juices ran anew. She felt terribly nasty at being so obviously turned on. She felt like a whore. Hadn’t she just come back from a late night of fucking?

She was confused when he pulled away from her. She watched as he raised himself to stand above her, licking his lips. He moved slowly, backing away from the bed, and pulled off his jeans. His cock stood high and rigid. The head was an angry purple and a thick vein ran down its right side. He was too big for her, but she liked it that way. Each thrust painful enough to remind her just who was in charge. Her body shivered as she thought about his size.

He moved towards the bed and leaned over her until his cock was level with her mouth.

“Did she taste good, baby?” He asked as he rubbed his cock across her lips. Her mouth opened and she began to lick him. He pulled away from her and bent down to kiss her. She could taste her pussy on his lips.

“Did she taste good? Did she taste as good as you baby?”

She looked at him for a sign, something to alert her as to what he needed from her. She pulled him close and kissed him deeply, running fingers through his thick hair. She broke the kiss and stared into his eyes.

“She was good, baby. Sweet, like cream. She tasted real nice. She was wet the moment I touched her, and I licked her clean. I licked her pussy and her ass. She held herself open for me so I could go to work. I banged her with my mouth and she came so hard I nearly lost my tongue. She was a sweet, wet kitty and I liked drinking her up, every drop.”

She moved in to kiss him, but he lifted her by her waist, turned her over on the bed and positioned her on her hands and knees. He ran his hands up and down her naked thighs as he kissed the small of her back. Her cunt opened of it’s own accord. That seemed fitting to her, she felt like nothing more that a receptacle, a fuck-toy, something to be used for another’s pleasure.

With her head lowered, she could see him stroking his cock. She pressed her chest downward and thrust her ass firmly in the air. Her scent filled the bedroom. He ran a lazy finger through her pussy, causing it to part further. Holding her firmly by the waist, he pressed his cock into her.

As he worked his way into her, she concentrated on relaxing to accommodate him. He pushed deep into her, making her cry out and then slowly slid himself completely out. He maintained this pace for a long time, allowing her to relax around his cock while also teasing her pussy with the slow pace.

She writhed against him and he reached under her to grab her breasts, using them as anchors to hold her in place as her fucked her. She pushed back and felt him drive deeper into her. He knew what she liked, so he maintained a verbal assault on her while he fucked her hard and fast. She answered his inquires with whimpers and cries. He ran a hand down her side, massaging her muscles. His hand came to a halt above her clit and delivered a stinging slap. She cried out, digging her fists into the bed and pressing back hard against him. He felt her body tense as her pussy began to tighten around his cock. He continued to fuck her as she shuddered underneath him in orgasm. She felt his hands grip fistfuls of her hair as he continued thrusting into her, his rhythm increasing in speed.

He grabbed her by the hair, sharply pulling her head back. The scent of her pussy caused her to open her eyes. His cock was there, standing tall and strong. She opened her mouth wide as a thick jet of semen made its way down her throat. She swallowed and opened for more. Another thick load was delivered directly onto her tongue. It dripped from her mouth down her neck and small rivulets ran down her breasts.

Author: Anna Hendrix.