A New Start

We’re both in the pelting Florida rain trying to get my car out of the mud. I swerved on the way home from work. He was not even ten minutes behind me. I was lucky.

He is outside pushing, yelling for me to hit the gas or to stop respectively. The rain gets heavier, the thunder louder and the lightning crashes just as my car slides back a few feet.

I hear him yell. I think he’s hurt. Maybe one of the wheels ran over his foot. My heart starts pounding. So I get out and try to walk through the mud, only my sneakers are sticking so horribly that it takes me a long while to get to the back of my little car.

By the time I get to him I’m soaked to the bone, my white tank-top fits like new skin and my blue jeans are black and heavy with water.

He’s bent down looking at one of the tires, his black hair soaked and pressed to his forehead. His t-shirt is now also form-fitting, and it’s beyond flattering, molding to his lean form. I want so badly to see him naked that my breath catches loudly and he looks up.

His eyes travel over my body and then meet mine, hotter than a forest fire.

He’s a man, I’m a woman. Really the rest shouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter that I’m married-–struggling to stay married is more like it–with this asshole, and it shouldn’t matter that he’s my boss. But, of course, it does.

I can tell he’s attracted. I’ve received male attention most of my life given my big breasts, a slim waist I work to keep up and a nice face. Angelic, I’ve been told, but I don’t know if it’s the truth or something some men say to get what they want.

He appreciates the view, and that makes me warm inside because a few months ago he didn’t give a damn. I was new, and, as most people do, he assumed I’d gotten where I was because of my looks. Only he acted differently. He figured he’d give it a go, and when I turned out to be useless, he’d teach me that not every man lets a girl with a nice pair of tits walk all over him.

I respected him for that, and the crush of a lifetime – dare I say I’ve fallen in love with the man – came crashing in.

I surprised him by being organized, on time and actually doing my job above what he expected. I also talked to him about many different subjects, finding we had a lot in common. And I got this thrill shimmering through my body every time I made him laugh.

I know he’s interested now because I catch him looking at me all the time–when he thinks that I can’t see him, when he thinks that I’m too busy to notice he’s looking. And it’s not that “Boy, I’d like to fuck that nice piece of ass” look. It’s more like “God she’s something special and I so want her.”

That gives me goosebumps.

Like now. He can’t help it. Neither can I.

“Annabeth,” he starts, standing up very slowly and I wonder, “If he let himself go any faster would he pounce?”

I don’t reply. All I need is one long glance at my tits. I’ll grab him and kiss him.

“Annabeth,” he repeats, looking away. “I, uh, I don’t think this is working.”

I just stare at him.

“The car. We’re not going to be able to move it. Not in this weather.”

I nod and realize there’s only one ending to this piece: he has to drive me somewhere. My place, his place, a motel. It doesn’t matter.

“My husband just left me for another woman.” I blurt out.

He stares at me, eyes wide, not sure what to say. I can tell he’s waiting for me to flip or freak or something, but I won’t. I just want him to know I’m free, and that I’m not letting this moment get away.

“I’m sor-“

“I don’t want you to be.” I’m surprised that I’m being so brave. “I want you to be happy for me. I’m free.”

I see his eyes narrow in the night. He found the truth in what I was saying and, I guess, decided not to give me pity I didn’t want. “He’s a dumb fuck, Annabeth.”

I nod, a lump in my throat forming at the longing in his voice. “Yes, he is. But I don’t want to discuss him right now.”

He could make a lighthearted joke about the fact that I brought Phil up in the first place. He could walk past me towards his car. He could talk about options: Triple A or pushing the Rabbit some more.

But he doesn’t. He just looks me over again and then meets my eyes.

“What do you want to talk about?” His voice is low and rough, like talking is taking a lot out of him.

“Where you intend on taking me.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t care.” Eight years I spent loyal to a boozing golf-hound with no ambition and no romantic notions, only to have the bastard leave me for some floozy. And between me and the mistress, I’ve got the looks.

No, I don’t care anymore. I’ve been the timid little girl who waits for fate, and I deserve so much more than what I’ve received. No, I’m taking chances now. I’m going after what I want, and if it doesn’t want me, fine. At least I tried.

“You don’t care where I take you,” It sounds so right coming from his deep voice, innuendo and all.

“No, I don’t. In fact,” I start taking a step closer to him. “I don’t care how you take me.”

“What do you mean?” His voice was barely a whisper, his fists white-knuckled by his thighs.

I could feel his breath on my forehead. “Well, for instance,” I start, my voice as smooth and sultry as in my fantasies. “You could take me here in the mud, on the back of my car, in the bed of your truck. I don’t care, Jacob. I don’t care.”

“You deserve better.”

I lift up onto my toes, bracing myself on his warm, strong chest. “Show me what I deserve.”

He stares at my lips, his heart is beating rapidly. “You deserve something better than me, Annabeth.”

“There is nothing better.” I take a chance and press my lips to his.

Before I can bother hoping that he’ll open up and let me in, he grabs me around the middle and holds me tight. I open to his probing tongue and he’s ravaging my mouth, hard and fast.

I can feel his need not only in how he kisses and holds me but also pressing against me. His hands sweep over my body, making me tingle.

“I want you,” I moan aloud.

“Annabeth, if you only knew how long I’ve wanted to do this. You are the most amazing woman I know.” He punctuates this with a long kiss, then teases my neck. My eyelids go heavy from the attention to this weak spot and I grind against his leg. We’re both panting and needing and his truck–the truck we couldn’t hook up to pull my little car out of it’s pit–is highlighted in the lightning.

“The truck.”

“Yeah? What about it?”

“Can we get in it?”

He pulls back a little and I can tell he’s trying to calm himself, readying for a drive I suppose.

“In the bed,” I clarify and the heat in his eyes is incredible. My stomach is hot and my legs start to tremble. Am I really going to do this?

He smiles and kisses me hard before helping me maneuver in the mud. His steadying hands on my back and rear feel meaningful, sexy and it makes me want him all the more.

We get to his truck and into the bed under the topper. It’s dry and much warmer and he pulls a towel out of a plastic bag, wrapping it around me. It’s musty but dry and it feels good.

“What a lucky break,” I whisper, listening to the sound of the rain on the metal cab.

I lean forward to kiss him. This time my heart melts from the tenderness there, from the want. I’ve never been kissed like this. He desires me and I know it but it’s more than that. In my heart there is suddenly hope that I am not the only one here who has fallen in love.

The rain outside begins to subside. I look at Jacob, afraid that the change in weather will give him a change of heart, a chance to think our situation over.

I guess he could see the desperation in my eyes, because he lightly guides me down onto the metal bed, kissing my neck and ears.

“I want you, Annabeth.” He grinds himself into my thigh and I gasp. He’s so hard. “But I don’t know if this is right.”

“I don’t want you to do something that you’ll-“

“Regret?” I slide my hand down his pants, caressing his hot skin, feeling his cock grow harder. “I could never regret you.”

“But I don’t think–“

“You’re thinking too much.” I grip his erection and stroke it once, playfully. “Don’t think. Just do. Do me.” I stroke him, this time harder with not a trace of any play or gentle intentions.

He’s on top of me, yanking my shirt and bra up in one pull. His mouth is on my breast and I can’t help but moan his name. My fingers glide over his cock and he humps my hand while playing with both nipples.

His fingers quickly unbutton my wet jeans and wrench them down to my lower thighs, then his tongue starts to trace a path down my abdomen. I’m panting by the time he reaches my belly-button and his eyes meet mine.

“I’m crazy about you, Annabeth.” He lowers his face to my panties, nuzzling my crotch with his nose. “I want to please you.” The hot breath from his words plays over me and I buck up, longing for his mouth on me again.

He grins and licks my mound through my panties, finds my clit and the stimulation of wet cotton is enough to drive me nuts. I buck up again and he slips a finger under my panties and into my pussy.

“You’re so wet,” he pants. I tighten myself around his finger and he looks up at me.


He just smiles.


He finds my G-spot easily with his finger, rendering me speechless. He toys with me, sets my cunt on fire with his finger and his tongue.

I’m shaking with need and I grab his hair, wrenching, not trying to be hurtful, but I’m desperate to have him thrusting inside me, slamming my body into the truck below, taking me hard.

I look down and see in his eyes he has no intentions of following my wishes right away. “Fuck me, Jacob.”

His eyes glaze over with lust and, instead of heading up towards me, he rips aside my panties with his free hand and goes to town on my pussy, licking, nibbling and finger-fucking.

It feels like fire, and now I’m tugging at his hair to push him further onto my clit, bucking wildly onto his hand. My eyes clamp shut and my whole body tenses with that sweet killing feeling that I’m about to explode and I don’t care. No man or vibrator has ever brought me this high and I fall to the metal bed coming down with a feeling of bliss.

The next thing I know I’m opening my eyes to find Jacob stripped, naked from the waste down and poised. His eyes are begging me and I motion weakly for him to get on with it. I still need him inside me.

His beautiful dark eyes glitter in the moonlight from the window, and I’m vaguely aware that the rain has stopped.

As he enters me, he stretches me, and I lift up to help him in. I’m relaxed from the heavenly orgasm, but still he’s large enough that it’s a snug fit.

“How do you want this?” he asks. There is so much self-restraint there it’s unbelievable, and instead of giving my answer in so many words, I jerk my hips rapidly. He shudders and pumps hard against me, slamming into my pussy, the angle stimulating my wonderfully abused clit and in no time I’m crazed, about to come.

“Fuck!” I scream, my hands clutching at his arms. “I’m gonna come, I’m gonna-“

I get no further, my whole body tensing once again and I feel like I’ve been lit from the inside.

I shake and feel Jacob tense around me. “God!” he shouts and I know that my pussy tightened around his needy cock is enough to make him come.

He pulls out and I whimper, thinking that I should have told him that I was on the pill. It could have prolonged our body-lock and I feel cold without his skin pressing to mine.

He slumps on top of me, breathing heavy and thanking me, telling me how long he’s waited, and how much he wanted this. How he never thought it would happen. How he was such a lucky guy.

“I don’t want this to be just some little fling,” he whispers and my heart is suddenly pounding. “I think that…”

He trails off and I realize it’s my turn. He’s said so much in such a short span of time, risked so much and now it’s my turn to make things equal. Even though I risked everything in the beginning, it’s not the same. I knew he wanted me sexually. It’s time for the romantic section of our…our coupling to be defined.

“I don’t know what this means to you,” I start, butterflies violently flying through my stomach. “But I think I’d like to give us a try. I want to be more than just some fuck-toy. I think I might–no, I know I love the person I’ve come to know you as.”

His arms tighten around me.

“I want to get to know the rest of you,” I whisper, my eyes searing hot, burning with unshed tears. “I’ve been in a loveless relationship for too long. It’s something I got over so long ago. It just took forever to get out of.”

“You’re never going to have to worry about being in a loveless relationship again, Anna.”

He wraps his arm around me and I know he’s telling the truth. So long wanting him, wanting this and I fought for a happy ending this time. Only I just now am realizing that it’s a happy beginning that I’ve been longing for and that’s what I’ve got now. Someone to compliment my personality, someone that I can compliment as well. Neither of us need to change for the other.

I know we’re going to have to get out soon and call for help with my car. But right now I am more than happy to just lie here in Jacob’s arms. It’s the perfect beginning.

Author: Anna Hendrix