“Look at my sweet girl.”

My heart was racing as Mistress slowly stalked around the punishment table. I was nervous and afraid to make any error in behavior. I’m sure her mood would dictate a severe punishment if I committed the smallest infraction. She was smiling widely, and when Mistress smiles like that it could only mean one thing – trouble. I was strapped to the cold metal table. My arms bound securely above my head and my waist belted tightly to the table. My trembling legs spread wide, clamps secured to my pussy lips – pulling them out and open exposing my opening and my tiny pink clit.

Mistress continued to march around the table, checking here and there to make sure I was immobile. The smile never left her lips and it sent chills down my spine. The room was sound proof the door shutting out the outside world. I was at her mercy and she had none. Her leather gloved hands begin to wander, first teasing my red painted nipples hardening them, making them ache. Moving down my stomach, she pinched and squeezed my muscles turning the skin an angry red. I t hurt but I remained silent – afraid to utter a sound in fear of retribution.

“Good girl.” She congratulated me. “Don’t make a sound. Keep that pretty little mouth closed.”

Then she laughed and it echoed throughout the room. I closed my eyes as the inspection continued. Her leather clad fingers found my shaven mound and roughly grazed over my swollen clit. My legs shook and I silently willed them to remain calm. I felt her fingers enter me roughly forcing my juices to spill out onto the shiny metal. My cunt spasmed, it felt as if it were gasping for air. Mistress continued to roughly tease my swollen clit, she used my fluids to trail light circles around my clit, making sure to tease my spread opening with her middle finger. I stopped a moan in my throat. I must stay silent. My breathing quickened.

Mistress’ smooth voice whispered above me “I have a new toy that I’d like to show you.”

I felt her hands leave me and a chill breeze swept over my body.

“Open your eyes.”

I opened them and was face to face with a terror. It shone in her hand under the ceiling lights. It was 14 inches long and appeared at least 4 inches in radius. Its surface was covered with metal studs ranging in length from 1/2 inch to 3 inches. It was glistening with lubricant some of which dripped down Mistress’ leather glove. I knew she wanted me to take this monster in completely, I had no choice really. I slammed my eyes shut and waited for Mistress to begin. She played with my breasts, I squirmed on the table the leather strap biting into my hips as they slid in my flowing juices.

“Hold still!” Mistress commanded as she pinched my nipples hard making them sting and burn. I stopped moving. My body began to sweat. Soon enough came the familiar buzzing of the vibrator. She traced the beast across my breasts, rolling it over my nipples; the studs leaving red circles where they had made contact with my pale skin. I could feel my traitorous pussy begin to drip anew, as it became accustomed to being spread so wide and open. Mistress continued to assault my body with the monster vibrator. She moved it down my chest, over my belly, stopping only when she reached my mound. Her voice purred above me “Hmmm, so wet and open, just how I like my little whore.” She pressed her finger to my opening and she pulled away a long wet string of my pussy fluid. She brought it to her mouth and smeared it across her lips.

Slowly Mistress began to slide the vibrator between my lips. Feeling the studs graze my engorged clit I bit my lip to stifle a groan. Mistress let the vibrator slide up and down the length of my lips, teasing my clit and my opening.

Mistress slipped the vibrator into my pussy and I stifled another moan. I felt the studs push past my walls and felt the intruder force its way deep into my cunt. I didn’t think I could be stretched so wide but I was wrong. The vibrator pressed through and filled me so completely that it felt as if it was trying to burrow to my stomach. Mistress cruelly began to turn the vibrator in my pussy causing me to buck upwards and silently writhe against my bonds. It was so big and each stud pressed hard against the nerve endings in my cunt. Mistress gripped the vibrator tightly and pushed it further in, almost the entire length. Then, she slowly began to pull it out, the vibration still stimulating my hard clit. Back in went the vibrator. She began to quicken the pace, in and out, the rough studs abusing and tearing at my soft pussy walls.

Like the little whore she trained me to be, I began to rock my hips against her hand and the vibrator, pumping harder and faster. I could feel my climax begin to build as I squeezed tightly around the metal cock.

“Mistress….Please let this whore come for you, Mistress, please! Please!”

She didn’t answer immediately. She allowed the torture to continue as I tried desperately to control my body’s response. Then finally she whispered “Yes.”

My moans were almost continuous, Mistress’ hand almost a blur, forcing the vibrator to fuck me. My body began to tense and I held my breath, my climax peaked.

I was moaning thanks to my Mistress as she worked the studded metal vibrating cock in and out of my pussy coaxing my climax through the peak. I felt myself cum the juices trickling down to my ass, spilling from the table to the floor. Mistress slowed the strokes a bit and made them longer as my climax subsided. Then with a flick of her finger, the beast was still. She slid it out of my pussy. I sighed heavily and completely relaxed on the table.

Mistress released my bonds and commanded that I rest. She then silently slipped from the room allowing me a moments peace.

Author: Anna Hendrix