Suzanne was 30 years old, married and restless.  She spent her days searching for fulfillment through yoga, meditation, art classes, and traveling the city; yet, she still felt empty inside.  So, she decided to have an affair with the pool boy, Tony. Tony was kind and caring.   He had a gorgeous body, soft brown eyes, and he always made sure to remind her just how beautiful and smart she was.  She liked being with Tony. He made her laugh and he was a fun companion during lonely afternoons.  But no matter what he did to try to lift her spirits, the lingering feeling that something was missing continued to haunt her.

They were naked together in the lounge chair beside the pool one afternoon, their bodies glistening in the sunlight.  She had been having the affair for several weeks now.   It began the fourth week he came to clean their pool.  He seemed so quiet and withdrawn at first.  He was intriguing – a beautiful, young man with a chiseled body and sad eyes.   She wanted to know more about him so she became the aggressor and made the approach.  She was surprised at the ease in which he allowed himself to be seduced.   It was fun and he turned out to be a good lover.

She had begun her affair with Tony for the obvious reason – her husband Kevin stopped noticing her.  He was a lawyer with major firm, and between long hours at the office, meetings with clients and courtroom trials, the only thing he had time to do when he got home every night was shower and collapse into bed.  Kevin’s distance initially proved to be an irritation but now it had become a fact of life.   With the exception of Tony, Suzanne was alone.  Sure, Kevin made plenty of money, which she was all to happy to spend; but the situation still left her feeling lonely and deprived at times.  Enter Tony.   He made her feel alive, and he gave her the attention she craved, the attention of a man.

“Hmmm….Tony.”  Suzanne whispered, as he kissed her neck.

It was hot out and he was making her hotter with his mouth and hands as they lay by the pool. He slowly moved his head down to suckle at her breasts, lowering a hand to squeeze her pussy through her bikini bottom.  She responded by raking her long nails down his back.

“Hmmm… make me feel so sexy, Tony. ” She purred.

“You are sexy Suzanne.  Lift your hips up.  Perfect.”  He said as he slid her bottoms off and gently pressed two fingers into her.  She was wet and desperately ready for him.  But she knew from experience that Tony took his time.  He wouldn’t rush, he liked to savor the moment, pushing her to the edge before taking her completely.

“Tony, oh …..yeah, that’s it….Hmmmmm…..So good…….”  Her voice trailed away in ecstasy.

“Well, isn’t this sweet?”  A voice whispered behind them.

She turned to the sound of the voice, and there was Kevin, standing just outside the sliding glass doors, watching them.  She gasped and pushed Tony off her.  She was speechless and motionless with fear, afraid that her husband might want to kill them both.  But she also noticed that Tony was calm and he seemed unafraid.

“Kevin…. wha…what are you doing home from work?  I thought… I mean… what time is it?” Suzanne muttered.

“What does it matter?”  Asked Kevin.  “You certainly weren’t worried about the time, now were you?”

“Kevin, I…”  Suzanne began to search for an excuse, but what could she say?  She was caught.

“Shhh. Don’t look so terrified.  I’ve been watching you two for the past 3 weeks now.  We both know you can’t come up with an excuse for this, so calm yourself.”  He said.

“Kevin, you don’t understand!  I just…”

“It’s ok Suzanne.”  Tony interrupted.  “Like he said, he’s been watching, I guess he’s tired of being in the audience and now he wants center stage.”

What?  She couldn’t believe her ears.  Why wasn’t Tony running away?  Why was Kevin so calm? What was going on?

Suzanne looked off into the pool.  She tried to clear her head.  She had never meant for Kevin to find out about her and Tony, and now that he had his reaction was truly extraordinary.  What was happening here?  She looked to Tony and he smiled.

Suddenly she felt the light pressure of Kevin’s hands on her shoulders.  He ran his hands down to her breasts and began to caress them with his fingertips.  Tony walked over to her, kneeled to her feet and began to softly lick her toes.  His mouth was warm and teasingly wet.  Suzanne was in such a state of shock that she remained motionless.

Kevin removed one hand from her breasts and used it to unzip his pants.  As he stepped out of his clothes he moved to face his wife.  He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply.  He took her breath away.  It had been ages since she had seen Kevin this turned on.  Tony had made his way up to her thighs and was gently spreading her legs.  She opened easily for him.  She whimpered into Kevin’s mouth when she felt Tony’s tongue lick the outer lips of her pussy.  Kevin, broke their kiss and then bent to lick her neck.  Suzanne reached out and began to stroke her husband’s rigid penis as her lover licked and sucked her pussy.  She felt Kevin’s cock thicken in her palm and she slowly positioned herself down so she could taste him.  He moved above her, allowing her access to all of him.  She swallowed his penis and he began to slowly fuck her upturned face.  The spit ran from her lips down to her neck.

As she sucked her husband, Tony moved over her and straddled her open legs.  He slid his cock deep inside her in one stroke and she moaned around Kevin’s cock.  Kevin grabbed two handfuls of her hair and, being careful not to pull too hard, and used her hair to pull himself into her mouth over and over.  She could hear the familiar groans of Tony as he fucked her hungry pussy.  She began to grind her hips into Tony as he rode her.  She squeezed Kevin’s ass as he pumped his cock in and out of her drooling mouth, digging her nails into his muscular ass.  He responded by tugging a little harder at her hair, pumping himself harder and faster into her.

She began to orgasm and arched her back in response to the sensations assailing her body.  She came hard, squeezing the muscles of her vaginal wall, thus putting more pressure on Tony’s penis, giving him every bit of sensation possible.  As her body shook with orgasm, Kevin reached down and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard, and she felt a strange mixture of pain and pleasure.  She began to suck him faster and faster, as Tony continued to fuck her faster and faster.

“That’s it baby, open wide so I can come in that sweet little mouth.”  Kevin whispered above her. He pressed his cock deep into her mouth and she felt the rush of warm cum slide its way down her throat.

As she swallowed what she could of her husband’s seed she felt the same rush of warm liquid shoot into her spread pussy as Tony came inside her, groaning and squeezing her thighs.

They remained where they were, immobile and breathing heavily.  Kevin pulled his softening penis from her mouth and stood up.  He silently gathered his clothes and walked back into the house. Tony, bent down and planted soft kisses on her wet thighs before pulling away from her and leisurely walking to the front gate.

Suzanne lay in a daze, wondering what was in store for her next.  Nothing made sense and she was unsure of what to do.  She closed her eyes and that familiar feeling overcame her again…loneliness.

Author: Anna Hendrix