Liz & Lara

Liz pressed her lips against Lara’s soft pouty kiss and slipped her tongue into her mouth as she let her hands wander over Lara’s body.  Lara’s breasts were big and full and Liz was pleased to feel them harden at her gentle touch.  Liz wanted to please Lara more than anything, she lusted for her mind, her body and her soul, and her tongue ached to taste Lara’s sweet pussy.

Lara slipped her hands into Liz’s shirt and underneath her bra.   Liz felt her own nipples grow hard as Lara began to roll and pull them with her fingers.  Liz smiled and pulled up Lara’s shirt, revealing first a muscular, flat stomach and then perfectly round and perky breasts.  She leaned forward, kissed Lara again, and then began to teasingly move down Lara’s body, beginning at her jaw line and moving down to the nape of her neck.

When she reached Lara’s glorious chest she made her way to Lara’s large left breast, reaching up with her right hand to massage the unattended breast.  Lara’s moans were sweet and soft and she brought a hand to the back of Liz’s hair, running her fingers through her red locks and pressing lightly.  Lara’s other hand had slipped into Liz’s cotton panties.  Liz let out a gasp as she felt Lara’s fingers slip just barely past the waist band of her panties and then quickly move to the small of her back.  Liz brazenly pushed against Lara’s chest, urging her to lie down on the bed; she inwardly smiled when she felt Lara’s warm body shift back towards the bed.

As Lara slowly lowered herself to the bed, she dragged her long nails up Liz’s back, causing Liz to shiver with gooseflesh.  Liz continued her descent down Lara’s body, halting when she reached Lara’s damp panties.  She pressed her tongue against Lara’s hidden clit, causing Lara to moan and raise her hips.  She pulled Lara’s panties past her slim hips, down her muscular thighs and calves then over her pedicured toes and tossed them aside.  Liz leaned into Lara, against her stomach, moving ever so slowly down to her shaven mound.  She felt Lara’s fingers stroking her curls again. Lara pressed firmly against the back of Liz’s head as Liz slipped her tongue in between Lara’s wet pussy lips.  She pressed her tongue against Lara’s swollen clit, and then began to wiggle and roll it between her lips and tongue.

Lara’s moans were becoming more frequent as she began to rock her hips against Liz’s face, desperately wanting to cum and let her lover taste her.  Lara pressed firmly against Liz’s head as Liz’s tongue strokes began to quicken.  Liz slid her middle finger into Lara’s pussy causing Lara to squeeze tightly around it, milking it as though it were a little cock.  Lara’s hips began to jerk slightly, her moaning becoming more desperate as she felt her climax begin to peak, her hand pushing Liz deep into her pussy and her cunt squeezing as tightly as possible around Liz’s finger.  Liz felt Lara’s body tense up, her pussy spasm against her middle finger; she looked up at Lara with her tongue still wiggling around Lara’s clit and watched her lover go over the top.

Lara gripped the bed spread tightly with her free hand, as her back arched, her moans so loud they filled the entire house and then she screamed Liz’s name.  Slowly, Lara’s panting and moaning began to subside, her chest no longer heaving and her pussy relaxed around Liz’s finger.  Liz teasingly slid her finger out of her girl’s sweet pussy and moved up the bed.  She smiled at Lara and licked her middle finger.  Lara leaned over and began licking the other side, their tongues touching as they both tasted Lara’s sweet juices. Once cleaned, Liz lowered her finger and pressed her lips against Lara’s, letting her tongue dance in Lara’s mouth and pressing her nearly naked body against her lover.  After a small eternity Lara broke off the kiss and with a wicked smile said, “ok, now it’s your turn…”

Author: Anna Hendrix