Wandering Minds

The sun filtering through the windows warmed the air inside my bookshop.  I had always loved this time of the year.  It brought back good memories of my childhood.  The sunshine helped to lift my mood and to shake off the winter sadness.  Anyway, at this time in my life, I was feeling really quite good about everything.  As the day wore on, the volume of people visiting the shop increased. Through experience of the retail trade, I had noted that the earlier times of the day were usually busier.  I made good use of the lull in trade in the afternoons, to take stock, sort the accounts or interview candidates for job vacancies.  It just happened that this day I was running interviews.
I didn’t have long to wait for the next appointment.  I turned round from the shelf I was working on, to come face to face with a very good looking young woman.  She introduced herself as Kate Crawley, my applicant for the job vacancy.  I couldn’t help but notice her confidence, so I was sure she would be ideal for the position.  As a rule I did not go by first impressions, but this time, I was convinced.  Her physical appearance was neat, tidy and practical.  Her light blue eyes, sparkled, accentuating the gold streaks in her hair.  A light, spattering of freckles covered the bridge of her nose.  Her lips parted in concentration as she waited for my response.  I was suddenly aware that I was staring, which was very unprofessional, but I couldn’t help but envy her good looks.  I wasn’t plain, but I was just not a head turner.

I reluctantly dragged my gaze up to look into her eyes.

“Afternoon, Miss Crawley, I am Mrs. Seddon, but you are welcome to call me, Anne.  All the staff here are on first name basis, after all, it makes for better work environment, I think. Don’t you?”

I could think of nothing other than her beautiful figure and her captivating gaze.  I knew, then, that I needed to know more about her.  I offered my hand. Taking my right hand with hers, she shook it gently.

“Hi, I’m pleased to meet you.”  Her voice was soft and husky.

She was standing over me, close and inviting.  I had a remarkable view of her small breasts pushing through her tight blouse.  My breathing became that much quicker, and my lips parted in excitement.  We were so close to each other, I found it very hard to breathe.  I couldn’t believe the effect that she had provoked in me.  I could smell her; almost taste her.  Her body spray was intoxicating, blending in with the natural odor of her skin.  My eyes were drawn to the v-line of her blouse, down to the end point, where the soft mounds of her breasts lay.  I forced myself to look into her eyes and was delighted to see the warmth and sexuality in her gaze.  The corners of her lips slowly turned upwards.  She definitely knew the effect she was creating in me.

Suddenly everything in the shop was forgotten.  Voices and people grew distant and it felt like I was in another place entirely.  I was hypnotized.  Our lips were so close I could feel her breath on my face.  I longed to kiss her; feel her lips on mine and to taste her sweet mouth.  I turned to lead her towards my office at the back of the shop.  I indicated the chair just in front of my desk.  She sat down; waiting for me to, also, settle down in my seat.  I looked through her CV, checking that her qualifications matched up to the job description.  I began to find it difficult to concentrate, her presence was that strong. My thoughts wandered…..

Again our lips came close, tantalisingly close.  I tilted my chin so our lips locked together.  She drew her breath in sharply, and parted her lips in surprise.  I didn’t need much more encouragement so I thrust my tongue deep inside her mouth.  Her mouth was soft and it tasted of mints.  Our kiss became longer and deeper.  My hand rested on her thigh, feeling the muscles beneath the thin fabric of her skirt.  My other hand held her chin firmly preventing her from moving away.  After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I removed my hand away from her chin. Somehow I knew she would not be moving away from me anymore.  Instinctively she lay back down on the couch, waiting for me to make the next move.  I took the opportunity to look over her gorgeous figure, from her slender neck down to her ankles.  I started to unbutton her blouse, wanting so much to gaze at her breasts.  I could see her nipples straining at the fabric of her bra. As my fingers grazed her skin, she moaned softly, arching her back with the anticipation.  I planted a kiss between her breasts, smelling the sweet scent of her skin.

My fingers found the clasp of her bra, at the front for easier accessibility.  I opened her bra with my lips, taking my time to savour each inch of skin.  Her breasts were small but perfectly formed and her nipples were already erect.  I took each nipple in my mouth, sucking and nibbling each one in turn.  My own body responded to her gasps of pleasure, my thighs moist with my juices.  Placing my knee in between her thighs, I kissed my way down to her stomach.  Through my lips I could feel her muscles quivering in bliss.

I could feel her hands run through my hair as I moved down towards her open thighs.  Her fingers massaged the nerve endings in my scalp, unknowingly sending tingles of pleasure down my spine. I found it difficult not to cry out aloud with each stroke she made.  Eventually she left my scalp and started to caress my shoulders and back, gradually getting more insistent as her pleasure increased.  By now, I was moving her tight skirt upwards to expose her sex, already glistening with her juices.  Her eyes were now closed, patiently waiting for me to take that first taste.  Grasping one of her nipples with two fingers, she rubbed as I licked.  I was drowning in her exquisite sweetness, thrusting my tongue deep into her crevasse and wishing I could stay down here forever.  I loved how good she tasted.  I could see that my attentions were bringing her so close to the peak of pleasure.  Her fingers rubbed faster and more urgently as I teased and licked her clitoris.

I was jolted back to the present, by a gentle cough, to remind me of the reason why I was there. I couldn’t think how I was going to get through this meeting with any semblance of dignity.  There was a definite response in my body in connection to my naughty thoughts.  I began to ask her many questions including the reasons about why I should hire her for the job.  I also wanted to know about her family life and the hours she would be able to work.  As she explained her situation and the reasons behind her decision to apply for the position of supervisor, I realized, too late, that my mind had wandered again…

I wanted to take her like a man, so I could feel her whole body up against mine and to feel her every response.  The only way that I thought that I could do that was to penetrate her, and I had just the thing.  This time though, I wanted to take her on my desk.  With her thighs wrapped round my waist as I drove my dildo into her sopping pussy.  I got up and left her to retrieve my strap-on in a drawer in my desk.  Her eyes widened with surprise when I showed her what I had in my hand, but she made no complaints as she watched me put it on.  I grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her up so she was standing up against me.  My “penis” was already prodding her in just about the right place.  I was eager to continue our passionate liaison.

“Your paperwork seems to be in order and you come across as a very capable person, Miss Crawley.”  I said, though my thoughts said something more.  Capable was not the word I would have used to describe my visions of her.

“One thing I will have to do is to check on your references, if you have no objections.  Then we can possibly go on from there.”

She nodded in agreement, and I then said “Why don’t you help yourself to a drink, coffee or tea, whilst I ring up some of the names you have listed. If everything is ok, we can arrange your starting date.  I don’t believe that we will have any problems there, do you?”  She smiled at me, and then walked down the hall from my office to the coffee machine.  It gave me the extra time to finish the formalities in more ways than one.

I lifted her up onto the desk and pushed her back so that she was laid out in front of me.  Her skirt had already ridden up her thighs so that her pussy was available.  All I needed to do was to climb up between her legs and push my “penis” in.  Her gasps of surprise as I entered her soon turned to pleasure and then to exquisite ecstasy.  I loved every minute of it and she obviously did too.  Her thighs gripped my waist tight, her whole body rocking in time to my thrusts.  It was all over far too quickly for me as she exploded in a powerful orgasm.

I was now ready to tell Miss Crawley that her application for a supervisor in my bookshop had been successful.  She would be a valued and efficient member of my small team.  I was sure we would get on very well indeed, even though I did not approve of romantic relationships in the workplace.  But then I was the manager and who would question my authority?  Miss Crawley? Somehow I didn’t think she would!

Author: Carrie White www.hentracks.co.uk