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“Look at my sweet girl.” My heart was racing as Mistress slowly stalked around the punishment table. I was nervous and afraid to make any error in behavior. I’m sure her mood would dictate a severe punishment if I committed the smallest infraction. She was smiling widely, and when Mistress smiles like that it could […]

Sleeper (Part Two)

10. Trish waited in the chair, looking around at the fitness equipment as it shone in the mockingly bright light of the gym. She didn’t look at the plastic laid neatly all around it. The guards had come up and found her still kneeling nude in Rebecca’s cabin. They didn’t react when Rebecca told them […]

Sleeper (Part One)

1. Rebecca Lemoine’s yacht, Medea, was too large to notice the gentle harbor swell, and it was as though they lay spent on a bed in the tower of a castle by the ocean. As Rebecca stirred next to Trish in their afterglow, Trish reflected on the thing they hadn’t been able to make clear […]

The Body Electric

Alison took a deep breath as she passed through the first of the two sets of steel doors, reminding herself that she would be safe. The guard must have noticed her anxiety, because he smiled broadly. “Is this your first time interviewing a prisoner?” Alison shook her head. “No. That’s the thing about it. I […]