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Take a Bite

A warm summer’s breeze blows through the house as we lay sleeping. The curtains gently stir. I can smell his cologne in the air and it slowly wakes me. The love I feel for him takes my breath away. I love to watch him sleep. All the worry and cares eased from him. My hand […]

The Joy of Sex

Ten years since I set foot in this sleepy little outpost, nothing seems to have changed at all. It’s like a place stuck in a void, unable to break free. It’s a quintessentially English village – stuffy, well to do folk who look down on you if you don’t speak like a broadcaster from the […]


As she awoke she marveled at the softness and coolness of the sheets enveloping her. The warm soft sun shown through the sheer curtains, and as she rubbed her eyes, it dawned on her that she wasn’t quite sure where she was… As she looked around the room and her eyes fell on him, it […]


In retrospect, I should have known that his plans for the evening were more elaborate than he’d told me. They always are. But I went into it thinking that we were simply having dinner with a friend of his, a man he referred to as an excellent conversationalist and a ‘fun’ person. I wore almost-normal […]


Suzanne was 30 years old, married and restless.  She spent her days searching for fulfillment through yoga, meditation, art classes, and traveling the city; yet, she still felt empty inside.  So, she decided to have an affair with the pool boy, Tony. Tony was kind and caring.   He had a gorgeous body, soft brown eyes, […]

Master’s Brother

My name is Claire. My Master’s name is Trevor. Trevor is a wonderful, caring man. His love for me is unconditional – he accepts me “as is” and praises me for being the slave that I am. I revel in his love. We envelope each other. We live and breathe for each other. My Master […]

Teacher’s Pets

My name is Kate and my  girlfriend is Kelly.  I guess you could say we’re the “wild” girls of  our high school.  We met during sophomore orientation and we’ve been  inseparable ever since.  We’re seniors now and we like to fool around  with each other.  I prefer the skin on skin action while Kelly is […]