Category: Romance

Electric Dreams

The taxi from the airport drops me early in the morning after the redeye flight home from New York. The house is dark, so I leave my bags in the hall and quietly climb the stairs. The bedroom door is slightly open and I see a dim light as I approach. As I open the […]

Liz & Lara

Liz pressed her lips against Lara’s soft pouty kiss and slipped her tongue into her mouth as she let her hands wander over Lara’s body.  Lara’s breasts were big and full and Liz was pleased to feel them harden at her gentle touch.  Liz wanted to please Lara more than anything, she lusted for her […]

A New Start

We’re both in the pelting Florida rain trying to get my car out of the mud. I swerved on the way home from work. He was not even ten minutes behind me. I was lucky. He is outside pushing, yelling for me to hit the gas or to stop respectively. The rain gets heavier, the […]

Dirty Girl

“Tell me what you did?” He whispered. The apartment was eerily quiet. A watery ray of early morning sunshine shone weakly through the bedroom window. He was seated on the edge of the bed. She was in his lap, her back to him, her thigh muscles straining against the fabric of her skirt as it […]