In retrospect, I should have known that his plans for the evening were more elaborate than he’d told me. They always are. But I went into it thinking that we were simply having dinner with a friend of his, a man he referred to as an excellent conversationalist and a ‘fun’ person. I wore almost-normal […]

All Alone

That particular night I planned to just sit back and relax. I had a bottle of wine and it was warm enough I could have left all my clothes off if I wished. I ended up in an old t-shirt. I might as well have been naked though, because when I sat down in my […]


She was humming as she changed the sheets from the smooth percale she liked to the fuzzy flannel he preferred. She imagined what she would do to him tonight, and her humming grew quieter until finally it ceased. First she would undress him, slowly, slowly, kissing him softly as each bit of flesh became visible. […]

The Chip

“Ready?” Corona took a deep breath, looking at the man before her, standing there with one forefinger held carefully ready. “Go for it.” Jadon nodded and didn’t give her any more time to think about it. He just touched the fingertip carefully but firmly to the base of her skull, pressing the microchip he had […]

All My Sins in Silver

She was perfect. Perfect in bed. Perfect in obedience. Perfect in anticipating my needs. If she lacked anything or any skill or any kink or quirk I could add it. She spoke the perfect words (I had written them into the program), made the perfect gestures, and even simulated cumming at the precise moment I […]


I was still fully dressed . . . but Sir had just finished removing his last few articles of clothing, tossing the items here and there. Watching him in the large mirror before me, I wondered what he had in mind and, even though my back was to him, he stared into my eyes in […]

Wandering Minds

The sun filtering through the windows warmed the air inside my bookshop.  I had always loved this time of the year.  It brought back good memories of my childhood.  The sunshine helped to lift my mood and to shake off the winter sadness.  Anyway, at this time in my life, I was feeling really quite […]

Liz & Lara

Liz pressed her lips against Lara’s soft pouty kiss and slipped her tongue into her mouth as she let her hands wander over Lara’s body.  Lara’s breasts were big and full and Liz was pleased to feel them harden at her gentle touch.  Liz wanted to please Lara more than anything, she lusted for her […]