Suzanne was 30 years old, married and restless.  She spent her days searching for fulfillment through yoga, meditation, art classes, and traveling the city; yet, she still felt empty inside.  So, she decided to have an affair with the pool boy, Tony. Tony was kind and caring.   He had a gorgeous body, soft brown eyes, […]


“Look at my sweet girl.” My heart was racing as Mistress slowly stalked around the punishment table. I was nervous and afraid to make any error in behavior. I’m sure her mood would dictate a severe punishment if I committed the smallest infraction. She was smiling widely, and when Mistress smiles like that it could […]

A New Start

We’re both in the pelting Florida rain trying to get my car out of the mud. I swerved on the way home from work. He was not even ten minutes behind me. I was lucky. He is outside pushing, yelling for me to hit the gas or to stop respectively. The rain gets heavier, the […]

Dirty Girl

“Tell me what you did?” He whispered. The apartment was eerily quiet. A watery ray of early morning sunshine shone weakly through the bedroom window. He was seated on the edge of the bed. She was in his lap, her back to him, her thigh muscles straining against the fabric of her skirt as it […]

Master’s Brother

My name is Claire. My Master’s name is Trevor. Trevor is a wonderful, caring man. His love for me is unconditional – he accepts me “as is” and praises me for being the slave that I am. I revel in his love. We envelope each other. We live and breathe for each other. My Master […]

The Friendly Waitress

Being a waitress at a local pizzeria entails being well versed in the social matrix of a small town. There are regulars and tourists, all of them offer a slice of humanity, as I offer them a slice of “New York style” pizza. I like my job, no matter how menial it seems to anyone […]


Her name was Stiletto. What a stupid name. I didn’t care. Whatever. I got my bonus and I wanted to fulfill a fantasy, and she was…there. Here, at “Sweet Tiffany’s Club for Men.” I had never been to one of these places. I wouldn’t even have known that I could hire a sexy young woman […]

Teacher’s Pets

My name is Kate and my  girlfriend is Kelly.  I guess you could say we’re the “wild” girls of  our high school.  We met during sophomore orientation and we’ve been  inseparable ever since.  We’re seniors now and we like to fool around  with each other.  I prefer the skin on skin action while Kelly is […]