Cliterature will not accept stories involving sexual activity with animals or children.

When you submit your work make sure to attach the text of the story (formatted only as doc, docx, txt, or rtf) to an email directed to

If you have specialty formatting requests, such as the need for bolds or italics in certain parts, please let us know in a note at the top of the story.

Cliterature has no word limit for submissions. However, we want erotic short stories, not unpublished novels, so make sure to edit your work accordingly.

No HTML links or web addresses are allowed within stories.

We will contact you via email to let you know if your story has been accepted, if it is pending acceptance following revision, or if it has been rejected.

You will retain complete ownership of your submission, you are simply granting us the right to post your story on

Cliterature does not compensate authors / artists for accepted stories / artwork.